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15 Signs You Love Books As Much As Breathing

15 Signs You Love Books As Much As Breathing

15 Signs You Love Books As Much As Breathing

To say that you love books is the biggest understatement. You don’t just love books; they are as much a part of your everyday life as breathing is to your survival. There is nothing better than getting or starting a new book, and nothing worse than when you finish it. But more than anything, you know that a world without books would be unliveable! If you know the feeling then you’ll know this list is for you. Here are 15 signs you love books as much as breathing!

1. You Need To Remember How To Function Normally Again In The Real World

There’s nothing harder than leaving a world of magic and fire-breathing dragons, and having to return to a world where caffeine is the closest you can get to a magical elixir. That being said, you know how to tackle your quests one task at a time! Even if that is just successfully getting breakfast in the morning or not missing your bus stop! (Again).

2. There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Books, Just Not Enough Shelves

This of course is no reason to stop buying books; it just means that things like your floor space or bed aren’t really necessary. Just as long as you have a space to sit and read, that’s all you really need. And you’ll get around to buying more shelves, just as soon as you finish one more chapter…

15 Signs You Love Books As Much As Breathing

3. You Never Leave A Bookstore Empty Handed

You may enter that bookstore full of good intentions and stern mental lectures, that no, you are not here to buy more books. But then the next thing you know, your arms are suddenly full of books and you are heading to cashier! What happened to the empty handed browsing just moments ago? Weird!

4. Your Wish List Is Always For More Books

What can you say! There is always something new to be read! Whether it’s that long awaited next book in a series, a new release one of you favourite authors just put out, or while you were innocently browsing books online your wish list suddenly clogged itself full of new suggestions. On a bonus note, people will always know what to buy for you, while you will never be without new adventures to follow!

5. You Talk About Fictional Characters Like They Are Your Best Friends

After all, you did go on all those adventures together. You’ve laughed with them, maybe yelled at them, definitely cried with them, so why wouldn’t they be among your list of best friends?

15 Signs You Love Books As Much As Breathing

6. You Never Go Anywhere Without A Book…Or Two

Maybe three, let’s be honest. You never know what adventure the occasion will call for or what mood you might find yourself in.  If there is anything that your years of adventure have taught you: it is better to be over-prepared than under!

7. Your Idea Of A Dream Home, Looks Like Belle’s Library

You’re not just talking about one room here; you mean the entire house is like Belle’s library. Every room full of books! Floor to ceiling bookshelves and a ladder to complete both the look and ease of access from one side of the room to the other. And the only other necessary furniture are cozy reading chairs and fuzzy blankets to complete the reading experience.

8. Your “To Read” List Is Always Longer Than Your “Read” List

There’s a certain comfort from re-reading old books, even if you have read them a thousand times before and know the story inside and out. Sometimes you just need to catch up with old characters and relive some adventures before making the plunge into a new world, with new faces. Of course for now, if you are ever going to achieve that library for a home dream, you’ll need to keep buying books and keep the “to be read” list going!

15 Signs You Love Books As Much As Breathing

9. When Asked Where You Want To Travel, Your Answer Is From A Book

Yes, you are quite sure that the Swiss mountains are breath-taking or that Scotland has some very beautiful castles, but have you been to the Misty Mountains? Or seen Hogwarts lit up at night? Certainly reading about them is one thing, but to see them with your own two eyes? You would take the opportunity to visit one of the locations from your books any day, if given the choice!

10. When You Do Go On A (Real) Vacation, Your Suitcase Is 90% Books

Of course you make sure to pack at least one other outfit, maybe an extra pair of shoes, and sunglasses or a hat if it is going to be sunny. But guaranteed, the rest of your suitcase is going to look a little like this…

15 Signs You Love Books As Much As Breathing

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11. You Have Experienced The “Book Hangover”

You know that feeling you get when you’ve just finished a really good book or worse a really good series, and it leaves you feeling empty? You just can’t motivate yourself to do anything, you bounce between feeling sad or angry, and often find yourself drifting around your house or blankly staring off. If you know the feelings, then you have experienced the notorious book hangover: the inability to start a new book or get back in touch with reality because you are still living in the book world.

15 Signs You Love Books As Much As Breathin

12. You Are Obsessed With The Smell Of Books

Some people, when asked about favourite smells, may say ‘the smell of rain,’ ‘freshly cut grass,’ or ‘a cup of coffee in the morning.’ But you love the smell of books. That sweet, slightly musky old paper smell. A smell that is at once both a soothing balm for your soul, as it is the promise of new adventures just waiting to be read.

13. You Often Have More Than One Book On The Go At Any Given Time

Why confine yourself to just one adventure, when you can bounce between multiple ones? At any given time you could be battling power hungry mages, falling in love, scaling treacherous mountains in search of lost treasures, or charting undiscovered lands.

15 Signs You Love Books As Much As Breathing

14. Required Reading List? More Like Summer Vacation Plans

Remember those reading lists you used to get in elementary school, with required books to read over the summer? I’m sure your classmates would always groan at the list, but you were already busy adding more books to the list! After all, this wasn’t a required list; this was a list of your summer plans!

15. If Anyone Asks, You Are A Professional Bibliophile

Bibliophile: one who is both a collector and a great lover of books. To you, books are so much more than just objects or just books. They are pieces of your soul and an essential presence in your life. Any other “job” is really just a hobby to support your hearts true profession as a bibliophile. And if it ever came down to it, yes, you would 100% sell everything in your home and be perfectly content with just your books.

Do you also love books as much as breathing? What are some of your favourite books or series that you could not live without? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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