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Guys: THIS Is How Girls Flirt

Guys: THIS Is How Girls Flirt

How girls flirt can get a bit confusing at times. Here are some pointers that prove she's flirting with you. If she does these things, she is into you.

I am probably the worst person to be writing this article considering I don’t really flirt. However, there are some experts who know all the flirty signs. When it comes to dating I am pretty straightforward. Luckily, the Internet has all sorts of information on how girls flirt. I mean, I’ve witnessed it obviously but I’d rather just take the male approach and go for it. Don’t get me wrong, I know who girls flirt; it just requires too many games for my liking. So, if you are a dude curious about if a girl is flirting with you, here are a few scenarios to how girls flirt; trust me, I get it can get confusing at times. Stay with me.


Smiling can get confusing. Usually though it’s just a simple way of a girl being kind. Not everything she does is supposed to be taken as making a move. If it’s a slow sort of smile where she makes direct eye contact with you, then you know she’s into you. That gives you an open invite to say hello.

Hair Touching

As cliché and ridiculous as it sounds, this is how girls flirt. It is an instinctive move that dates back to the earliest humans, even animals do it. It’s an instinctive move women do when they are interested. They usually touch, twirl or flip their hair. It’s a way of making you notice them. Sounds like the lamest way to flirt but it’s legit. Girls don’t even realize they’re doing it half the time.

How She Presents Herself

Although it sounds superficial, most girls present themselves nicely if they are interested in a guy. That’s one indicator she’s into you. If she excuses herself to the bathroom and comes back looking freshened up, she cares. Chances are she’s flirting with you at some point in that conversation. This is how girls flirt when they want you to notice her. Again, sounds superficial but it’s true a majority of the time.

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This is another way how girls flirt. If she doesn’t touch you, chances are she has no interest. Girls are strategic and smart. If they aren’t interested in you they will most likely keep their distance while staying polite. However, if she touches you lightly on the arm when you’re talking, she’s flirting. Body language is a huge indicator of how girls flirt.


If she starts talking about making plans in the future, chances are she’s flirting. Seriously, this is how girls flirt. Sometimes it can come in a discrete manner so pay attention; she could ask you about a band she knows you like and if there’s going to be a concert coming up. Or she could just flat out ask what you’re up to over the weekend. Girls don’t tend to make the first move but this is a subtle way of how girls flirt. Sometimes it’s just a way for her to suggest you make a first move.

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