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New Dating Apps You Need To Try

New Dating Apps You Need To Try

Here are some new dating apps to try if you are sick of Bumble and Tinder. These unconventional dating apps are a great way to get into the dating scene.

New dating apps are my jam; I’m not kidding. There once was a time I thought dating apps were creepy but when I moved to NYC my option completely changed. Dating apps are fun beyond belief. I can say I’ve been on probably 20 dates thanks to dating apps; I’d like to thank Bumble in particular. Thankfully I’ve never used Tinder or else I think I’d be preaching something else. Then again, I’ve never been a girl who just searches for a hook-up. That’s not entirely my scene. I’ve never had an unpleasant experience using a dating app.

Since we live in a generation where new apps are constantly being made, I decided to look into the new dating apps that seem to be a success. If you are anything like me, and enjoy meeting new people and aren’t searching for a hookup, these new dating apps are ones you’ve got to try! By the way, cuffing season has arrived so if you need a cuddle bud, these new dating apps are gold mines.

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Dating Ai

Holy-shit! This new dating app is genius. This dating app allows you to match with people who look like your favorite celebrity crush. Can you say Liam Hemsworth? I’d be lying if I said I haven’t said to my friends “the universe will send me a Liam Hemsworth lookalike.” There is a build in database that has celebrities ready to choose from. If you want to pay extra you can upload a picture of your ex. That’s crazy! Hopefully they’ve created a software where you can say you don’t want to date an ex look-alike.

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Tonight Dating App

Tonight is a new dating app that is based off the founders of dating app, Whim. This new dating app tries to set two people up on a date the minute they match; no messaging required. This new dating app takes out the hassle of trying to plan ahead of time and coordinate when you’re both available. You essentially sign on when you’re free for a date that evening. If you’re both on at the same time, the app gives you a time and place to meet up.


However, you need to sign in by 6 p.m. to get the date. This feature was created in hopes of discouraging people just looking for a hookup. The app even penalizes people for flaking. If you keep flaking, you get removed from the app. Woo, intense. As of right now this new dating app is free and is first launching in New York. If you’re serious about finding someone to settle down with, this new dating app seems like a good choice.

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Coffee Meets Bagel

This isn’t an entirely new dating app but is a notorious one. This new dating app sends you a “bagel” (date prospect) a day and you have 24 hours to decide if you “like” or “pass” on it. If you end up liking the potential date, and they like you, you’ll connect. You’ll have access to privately chatting. The catch is after 8 days, the chat expires. Coffee Meets Bagel however asks you to specify your reasons for passing on someone which kinda makes you feel like a jerk if the answer is “unattractive.” Thankfully the answers are only seen by the developers so they can help curate a better dating prospect. Still worth giving this newer dating app a change.


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Tastebus is a new dating app that changes things up in the dating app world. You are simply matched up with people based on your location and your taste in music. This is a pretty rad new dating app if you ask me. You follow your favorite bands or scan your iPhone music library. The rest is a piece of cake. This new dating app not only allows for you to find dating prospects but a new concert buddy. Pretty cool.


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Okay! This new dating app is right up my ally. If you read about your zodiac sign every day, you have to check this new dating app out. It’s a dating app that connects you based on astrological compatibility. You pick six adjectives that describe yourself and then are transported to a selection of potential dates based on your zip code. Align is easy to maneuver and makes conversation starters easy. This new dating app also sends you five unique matches a day. There is no swiping on this dating app, which is a nice refreshed. The most compatible matches appear to have bigger photos with different aura colors that represent their element sign: earth, wind, fire and water. As of right now however, Align only works in LA, San Francisco and NYC.

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Let us know what you think about these new dating apps in the comments below! Check out the pros and cons of dating apps!
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