Best Outdoor Activities In Toronto To Enjoy The Warmer Weather

Outdoor activities in Toronto are just what we need to fully enjoy the wonderful weather in the upcoming months. Our city is so perfect in the summertime; how can we let it pass us by without enjoying the urban outdoor spaces. These activities are fun for everyone from athletes to bookworms. Let’s get to it:

Toronto Islands

Head to the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal where you can buy your ticket and board the ferry to Toronto Islands. Cycle around the islands with friends, do some nude sunbathing with a special someone on the clothing-optional beach, and paddleboard with family. There is so much to explore on Toronto Islands and the trip itself is a sweet little adventure. You can even stay the night in a bed and breakfast on the islands for a weekend getaway. Do not miss out on making some memories by the water this Summer.

Best Outdoor Activities In Toronto To Enjoy The Warmer Weather

Allan Gardens

Of course parks must be included in this list of outdoor activities in Toronto. There are many parks the city offers but Allan Gardens might be a fun one to check out because, in addition to the outdoor space right in the heart of the city, it is also home to 16,000 square feet of greenhouse space. These greenhouses provide the environment tropical plants need to flourish and we Torontonians can enjoy these flowers from around the world as well as the native North American vegetation that grows in the outdoor areas of the park.

Best Outdoor Activities In Toronto To Enjoy The Warmer Weather

Evergreen Brickworks

This industrial space provides a great atmosphere for city-dwellers to enjoy throughout the year. This Summer, enjoy outdoor activities in Toronto spaced out with indoor breaks. Evergreen is responsible for bringing the community together with environmentally and culturally-aware programmes. You can spend time exploring the outdoor park space and venture into the old industrial building for some snacks from the Farmer’s Market.

Best Outdoor Activities In Toronto To Enjoy The Warmer Weather

Scarborough Bluffs

Toronto is lucky to have such an incredible escarpment so close to home. The adjoining park and beach are an ideal place from which to enjoy the views. An afternoon spent on the beach, by a yacht club, surrounded by greenery, and in the shadow of a great escarpment is a great way to get a change of scene from the city’s concrete. If you want to get close enough to touch the bluffs, remember to look out for warning signs — they might save you your life (or a $5000 fine).

Best Outdoor Activities In Toronto To Enjoy The Warmer Weather

Riverdale Farm

Farms are a must when it comes to outdoor activities in Toronto. Riverdale Farm is unique in its ability to function in the middle of the bustling city. They are welcoming of visitors year round but do not miss the opportunity to spend time there this Summer. Please be respectful of the animals and do not touch them without permission. Also note that pets, bikes, rollerskates, and skateboards are not permitted on the farm so leave those paws and wheels at home!

Best Outdoor Activities In Toronto To Enjoy The Warmer Weather

Race To The Nearest Tim Hortons

Whilst an afternoon on the water, in a park, on a beach, or farm may sound appealing, there is no greater Canadian past-time (in my opinion) than sitting in a Tim Horton’s sipping on an iced cap after a long afternoon in the sweltering heat. After sitting under the sun in any one of the above destinations, you can wrap up the day by racing your friends and family to the nearest Tim Horton’s for a long chat over comforting drinks.

These outdoor activities in Toronto will help you soak in the Vitamin D this Summer but do not forget to use sun protection with a funky hat and high SPF sunscreen. Take your most loved friends, family, and partner(s) on a sunny day out and spend some quality time together. See you out there in the breezy city!

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