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10 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Brighten Your SO’s Day

10 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Brighten Your SO’s Day


Does your significant other come home crabby or irritated? Do you feel your relationship slipping away from you? Is your SO just stressed out and you’re wondering how to make their day a little better. Or are you just trying to find ways to make each day better than the previous one? I have some ways for you to brighten your significant other’s day that I have personally tried and they have worked wonders! Try each of these over a week or two and I can almost certainly say that your significant other and your relationship will thank you! Here are 10 ridiculously simple ways to brighten your SO’s day!

 1. Write a note and put it somewhere they will find later.

I can almost certainly guarantee that when your significant other finds it, it will instantly put a smile on their face. Writing a note lets your SO know that they are on your mind and that you are trying to make their day better.

2. Send them a good morning text to start their day out right.

Your SO will notice that they are the first thing on your mind in the morning. If you’re not a morning person, send them a text throughout the day letting them know you’re supporting them in whatever they are doing or that you can’t wait to see your significant other.


3. Saying a simple thank you.

Gratitude goes a long way. Letting your significant other know that you appreciate them and everything that they do for you will help brighten their day and they will likely return the gratitude.

4. Put away your devices when you’re with them.

Your significant other deserves quality time from you when you’re with them. Show them this by putting away your phone, turning off the TV and solely listening to what they have to say. They will appreciate your attention in a technology-driven world.

5. Kiss them unexpectedly.

This simple way of surprising your SO will take them off guard and make them feel special.


6. Compliment them.

Telling your SO that they look especially good today may lead them to reciprocate the favor and it will be a win-win!

7. Small touches of affection.

A back or foot massage can go a long way to help brighten someone’s day. Grab your SO’s hand while you’re in public if you aren’t afraid of a little PDA.

8. Prepare their favorite meal.

Whether that’s pancakes for breakfast or spaghetti for dinner, surprising your SO with their favorite meal can be a great start or end to the day.



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9. Make spontaneous plans for just the two of you.

Everyone knows that trying to come up with plans with your SO usually ends in the “you pick” statement. If you choose the plans for the two of you, it will take the guessing out of the night and can create wonderful memories. Impromptu date nights are a great way to keep your relationship from hitting a plateau.


10. Make your SO laugh.

Laughter is said to be the cure for anything. If your SO is ticklish, maybe tickle them! It will bring out the immature side of both of you.


Can you think of any ridiculously easy ways to brighten your SO’s day? Let us know in the comments or share this article!
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