10 Things That Happen During College Freshman Year

Throughout your college freshman year you'll notice a lot of stuff that happens during that transition period into school. Here's what to expect as a first year student!

College isn’t the easiest time in your life believe it or not, with papers, break ups, and new friends it can be the hardest adjustment! Here are ten things that happen to everyone throughout their college freshman year and how to handle it!

1. Losing connection with friends back home.

The summer before college may feel like the only thing your doing is working and hanging out with your friends, but once college hits you’ll be lucky to find time to even call your grandma. You get a group of new friends, tons of work, and honestly don’t know how to make time. It’s not that you or your friends don’t care, it’s just things getting busy. It’s life, stuff like that happens. Break is the best time to try to connect with your friends from back home. This really shows you who your true friends are.

2. The break ups.

How many times have you heard your friends say they are going to keep dating their S/O throughout their college freshman year? A lot. The reality is most high school relationships won’t last. The transition is just too hard. Very few survive the first three months and even then the pressure of not seeing each other can break even the strongest couple. College opens up doors of mistrust and sorrow for relationships. Go out with your bros or your girls, watch some movies, and exercise. Every one deals with heartbreak differently.

This is what to expect your college freshman year!

3. Home sickness like never before.

Going off to college most teens can’t wait and never realize what they’ll be missing. for some it’s the first night when they’re in their new bad at an unfamiliar place and they realize just how comfy home was. Everyone is struck with homesickness in their first semester. You might be shaking your head now but when you’re five weeks into cafeteria food, with two overdue assignments the only thing you want is hug from you mom and to crawl into your own comfy bed. Bring lot’s of photos, ask your parents to send you cookies or other things that remind you of home.

4. Crazy professor.

We all had that one teacher in high school who made our skin crawl. You’ll find in your¬†college freshman year that it is so much worse. Imagine you’re in a packed lecture hall trying to scribble notes at hundred miles a minute and you’re not even sure what they are saying. In college your teacher won’t hound you about turning in your assignments or going to class they will just give you the grade. They scream and don’t care if it’s just a liberal studies course. Study groups and rate my professor are your friends. Also don’t be scared to withdraw.

5. Mental break downs.

You think you’re a pretty mentally stable person until it’s two weeks before finals and you’re crying because you dropped your spoon. There will no doubt be a time in your first year where everything gets so overwhelming the only thing you can do is lose it. Between break ups, due dates, and studying you’ll lose your head and your mind a few times. If you need to cry, cry. make sure you’re being nice to yourself, college can bury you if you let it. Stay on top of you health mentally, physically, and emotionally.

This is what to expect your college freshman year!

6. One night stand.

I won’t even call this a mistake because you learn a lot from it. You’re in your college freshman year, you’re feeling yourself at a party, there’s a hot guy/ girl who’s definitely checking you out. One thing leads to another. It happens more than you think. Just keep yourself safe. Condoms are always your friends.

This is what to expect your college freshman year!

7. Partying too hard.

This has to be said, it might not be you, but someone you know will get so “turnt” at a party that you might need to play babysitter. The best way to avoid the black out drunk throwing up on yourself night is to know your limit, what you’re drinking, and watch out for your friends. Go out with a group of friends you trust and keep each other safe.

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This is what to expect your college freshman year!

8. Withdraw or stand your ground.

When the course gets painful to go to take the W. It isn’t frowned upon. For me the deciding factor was how much work I had put in verses the amount of things I got out of the course.¬† Sometimes it’s the teacher but other times it’s the subject. Try to find an easy professor for a class that you know might not be your best. I would say always try to get through the class but if your failing out drop it.

9. Winter break.

You learn a lot over your first winter break. Most students work over break to get a little bit of cash for the next semester and some take this time to completely relax. You can even do cool break trips or take winter classes. I would always recommend relaxing while you can but break is so long. You have a good two to four weeks after the main winter holidays. this might sound heavenly now but it’s so boring. over this break spend time with family/ friends, keep your sleep schedule, and make tons of plans.

10. Friendship fall out.

Even at school you can lose your friends. College tends to shrink your friend group for lots of reasons but mainly it’s just you growing into the person you’re going to be in life. Take these fall outs with a grain of salt. Most of the time the people you lose just aren’t worth it. You got what you needed and it’s over. If anyone ever gets upset with you because you’re putting school first, you’re too busy, or you take school too seriously that’s a clear sign to let the friendship go. Remember you’re pay tons f money to get a degree that will be the source of you income for the rest of your life don’t mess it up for a so called friend or relationship.

This is what to expect your college freshman year!

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