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10 Things Every PSU Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every PSU Student Asks Themselves

While this humorous top 10 is pretty specific to Penn Staters, I hope you can relate no matter what University/College you go to! Here are 10 things every PSU student asks themselves.

When you’re a college student, lots of thoughts go through your head, like: Why am I paying so much money for knowledge? Why did I party so hard the night before exams? Why do I do this to myself? (a.k.a. me when I have to take an 8 am class.) But while this humorous top 10 is pretty specific to Penn Staters, I hope you can relate no matter what University/College you go to! Here are 10 things every PSU student asks themselves:

1. “Why is food so expensive?

Let’s be real— You’re a college student. You’re already broke. Why make us EXTRA broke? $6 for a sandwich? $4.00 for a basket of fries? I’m about to sell my soul for one whole bottle of water over here. (Which is $2.50 in case you’re wondering.)

2. “Where can I park where I/my feet won’t be dying by the time I get to my car?”

This one’s for all my commuters out here, just trying to not die by the time you get back to your car. Why are parking lots so far AWAY, and why is my last class the farthest from my parking lot area? We ask the real questions here at Society19.


3. “Do I want to eat healthy/work out, or am I just surrounded by fit student athletes?”

That STUDENT ATHLETE GRIND [insert muscle emoji] never stops for some people and hey, whatever sweetens your protein, but let’s be honest. Your freshman 15 turned out to be a freshman 25 and you kinda wanna work out, kinda wanna watch Black Mirror on Netflix in your room and eat a burrito from Taco Bell. (spoiler alert: you do the latter.) But for real, jokes aside, there’s nothing wrong with hitting the gym every now and again, to work off your latest Taco Bell/Chipotle/Shake Shack binge. Plus it kinda feels good to exercise every once and a while, just don’t let it go to your head. (I’m talking to you, sweaty muscle-y boys out there tryna get #swole and over use the hashtag ‘BEASTMODE.’)

4. “Do I take this class because it’s fun or do I take it because I know it’s an easy A?”

Easy A’s are fun but they can get SO boring. On the flip side of that, it’s really fun to take a really cool class like art, theatre, or dance! Who knows? You may find a hidden talent, and it’s (usually) an easy A. Don’t underestimate sports though, but if you’re an art kid like me, sports are not your strong suit and needless to say, are going to be the hardest A you’d ever try to receive. Keyword: try.


5. “Wanna go to the White Out Game?”

That speaks for itself, White Out games are fun and really cool if you go with a group or you’re friends with someone on the team and you want to cheer them on! Until, that is, your white shirt gets a stain on it from mustard on a hotdog, or a makeup stain, or just a STAIN in general.  It’s so hard to have nice things when snack stand foods are so messy.

6. “So many stairs!” 

Maybe you should take the elevator next time. Please. Just save yourself the embarrassment of walking into class trying to contain your heavy breathing from walking up multiple flights of stairs. Hmm, I didn’t know trying to get to my next class was gonna be like a remake of the stair scene in Rocky. 


7. “Should I change my major?”

People ask themselves this a lot, especially if you unexpectedly need a high level of math in order to get your degree. Is crying over Calculus really worth it? Nope. Not at all.

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8. “Party tonight/Where’s the party at tonight?”

There’s many ways to ask this question: “what’s the wave?” “Is there a party tonight?” “I really had a huge exam, and I have another one tomorrow, I need the world’s strongest jungle juice STAT. How much alcohol is in this?” Yeah, no matter where you go, you kinda just wind up somewhere and you’re having a good time until you realize someone is over in the corner drinking out of an (emptied) lavalamp/a pumpkin/their own two hands. You’ve seen enough, you’ve seen it all, and all you wanted was a fun night out and to meet people. Always go to parties with pals, that’s super important, plus you can tell each other wacky stories for the next few weeks.


9. “Who’s in the Nittany Lion costume? Aren’t they hot in there?”

The REAL question is…are they hot out of the costume? I reiterate, we’re asking the true questions here at @Society19.

10.) “What the hell is a Nittany Lion anyway?”

I don’t know, no one knows, it’s just a fancy lion and we worship him. We are brainwashed, help us. (Just kidding, we love our Lion.)

Can you think of any more things every PSU student asks themselves?!
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