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20 Signs You’re A Freshman

20 Signs You’re A Freshman

Coming into college as a freshman, obviously you're a little lost at first. These are the relatable signs you're a freshman on your campus!

It’s been a long four years; you have waited for this for what seams like forever, and now you’re finally a freshman again!! You cannot wait to pack up your car, decorate your new room, and make new friends. It’s such a bittersweet time saying goodbye to your parents and realizing your once again the little fish in a big pond. However, it’s okay to be nervous; remember everyone was a freshman once, so everyone understands the struggle.  Obviously once you get to campus, you’re clueless and it’s quite easy to pick out the freshman, so here are the 20 signs you’re a freshman.

1. Your dorm closet is filled with every piece of clothing you own.

There are two types of people: the ones who brought everything they have, and the ones who brought nothing.

2. All your clothes say (*your college*) on it.

All your clothes are tailgate clothes because you totally plan on going to every football game and can’t be caught in the same outfit twice.

3. You have no idea what you want to be.

 “You’re just a freshman, you have time.”

4. You say the zero before your ID number.

Major freshman move.

5. Dormify basically designed your room.

Your room definitely has to be perfect and you and your roommate probably have everything matching.

6. You wear your lanyard and ID card around your neck.

Honestly no one else does that… Take it off.

7. Your drink of choice is Natty or Twisted Tea.

Seriously? Only high schoolers drink that.

8. You dress up for class past the first week.

And don’t forget the hair and makeup too… Even if it’s an 8am.

9. All your conversations start with “what’s your major?”

By the end of the first semester you probably know everyone’s major on your floor. 

10. You introduce yourself by saying “hi, I’m a freshman.”

And for some strange reason you actually think that’s cool.

11. Of course, you’ve locked yourself out of your room.

I mean, who hasn’t?

12. You’ve burnt popcorn at least once.

And then have to stand outside, knowing it was all your fault.

13. You got a C on your math test, and it was the end of the world.

And of course, the annoying teacher doesn’t give out extra credit.

14. You’ve already have at least two mental breakdowns.

I wouldn’t stop counting if I were you.

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15. All of your white clothes are now pink.

You should probably just wait till break and take your laundry home to your mom.

16. You learned the Freshman 15 is a real thing.

The amount of pizza and ice cream you go through in a week is unreal.

17. You don’t even know half of your Instagram followers.

Every new person you meet shows up on your Instagram feed.

18. You still call your mom everyday.

Being homesick is normal and your lying if you say your not.

19. You still listen to High School Musical while you’re taking a shower.

Wait, that’s not okay?

20.  You still don’t know how you feel about the whole college thing.

Living on your own has been one of the most fun and exciting experiences; However, you would be lying if you said you don’t miss your friends and family back at home.

So these are the 20 signs you’re a freshman. Let me know what you thought of the article and how you like being a freshman in the comments down below!
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