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Everything To Do During Your Senior Year Of College

Everything To Do During Your Senior Year Of College

Are you in your senior year of college? Here is everything you absolutely have to do before your college career comes to a close!

Okay, school is back in session! It’s weird to think that this could be my last time I say that in relation to my own life… Until I’m sending my future kids off to kindergarten! Okay, okay, let’s slow down. First things first. It’s your senior year of college.

I find myself wake up in the middle of the night tossing and turning worrying about the last week of college… And it’s only the first! It’s triggered my mind to take a step back and look at the big picture. One academic year, that’s plenty of time. Instead of letting the worry strangle us, it’s possible that with the right tools, we can grab hold of the worry and the anxiety and put it to rest.

This last year of college is a bittersweet time. It’s so important that we continue to balance all we can without going crazy. Here’s a few tips to remind us to take a breath and push through this final grind with grace and success.


1. Buy a planner… and ACTUALLY use it.

Yep, we’re all guilty of it, don’t lie. We go through these strong impulses of organization. It’s always been a running joke with one of my best friends about where to find the perfect planner. “This one is too sparkly, that one is too business-man-like.” A lot goes into finding the right anything. This book of pages is basically going to be reminding you how to live your life each day, so you better love it.




2. Set aside time for you and your post-college life.

There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead. Taking time out of your week to apply some of your energy towards your “maybe one day” life could very well be a strong addition to your weekly routine. Build your portfolios, write on your blogs, read some books. There’s so many different tools that could help prepare us to have the smooth year that we are all hoping for.


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3. Research companies and employers.

Hear me out here. By now we should all have a strong grasp on companies that would be a good starting point for us post-graduation. We hear our professors talk about their experiences here, there, and everywhere in between. Grab a notebook and dedicate it to your browsing and research.

For example, I have my notebook that I keep in my planner. When I take that time aside for myself, I look at companies in each city I’d think about relocating to. I write positions that I see that interest me, and even the email addresses of those contacts that I’m able to find.


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4. Communicate with those employers.

Like I said before, there’s no harm in preparing. Yes, it may be the August before the June that you graduate, but here’s a little hint: These employers are receiving less emails at this time than they are come March and April. So, slip HR an email and it’s basically skipping the entire line, or perhaps pitching a tent waiting for the doors to open. Either way, you’re in front!

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5. Enjoy it.

Most of us haven’t decided whether or not to get our Master’s Degree, so this very well could be our last time in school. Yes, I’ve ranted about the importance of preparing for post-graduation life, but it’s also important to keep taking in your campus, your friends, and the life you’ve built yourself here at your school.

I’ve always rushed growing up and getting through school. I couldn’t wait to be done with school and out in the “real world.” Now that it’s my senior year of college, it’s a weird feeling that you never knew existed.



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To my fellow college seniors, good luck and bottoms up!

Are you in your senior year of college? Comment below your goals for the year!
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