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The Ultimate College Discount Handbook

The Ultimate College Discount Handbook

College life is not easy. High tuition costs and being on your own for the first time leaves a lot of room for error. Cut out some of that stress by taking advantage of all the discounts and deals offered to college students. This article will showcase a few discounts that you should be using. There are several other deals you can use, so don’t be scared to go out in the world and ask when you are making a purchase. Always have your ID on hand and ask if they offer student discounts. Your ID will work as proof of your attendance at your school.

1. 10% for ASOS clothing

All you have to do is complete the discount form to verify that you are a student, and you will get your student code to get 10% off your entire purchase. 10% off may not seem like a lot, but that can $10 off of $100. ASOS carries a lot of quality clothing from different brands on its inclusive and body positivity platform. They have notable brands like Adidas, Nike, Boohoo, PrettyLittleThing, Monki, etc. They have clothes for men as well as plus size and maternity.

2. StudentUniverse for Traveling 

StudentUniverse is an app of a traveling agency for students. Their services can also be used by faculty of universities as well. They provide cheap flights, hotels, and tours. Sometimes they will offer promo codes for other services as well. Recently, they had a $ 7 off a $ 10 or more purchase deal with GrubHub. So sign up today to take advantage of their opportunities.

The Ultimate College Discount Handbook


3. Hulu, Spotify, & Showtime 4.99 Deal

Spotify is giving a neat deal for all college students. It was first offered as a limited-time offer, but almost a year later and the discount is still going strong. It has even expanded and combined with Showtime as well. As a part of the deal, you get Hulu, Spotify Premium, and Showtime for $4.99. All of these together would cost you over $ 20 without the discount.

4. Show your student ID when you go to the movies 

I think everyone knows about this trick, but I notice a lot of folks don’t utilize it. When you go to the movies, feel free to show them your student ID for a few bucks off of your movie ticket. This tip is extremely helpful if you are going to a theater near your school. If you have an AMC theater, I know from experience that they offer student discounts for those who show their student ID also.

The Ultimate College Discount Handbook

5. 6-month free trial of Amazon Prime 

Amazon Prime offers tons of benefits, like free two-day shipping, Prime Music, Amazon Channels, Whole Foods Market, the list goes on and on. Picture getting all of these benefits for FREE. Amazon Prime is providing a free-trial period for 6 FULL MONTHS for all college students. You just have to register on your Amazon account to get all of these perks. There are plenty of others that I did not mention. Do not hesitate, to look on Amazon’s official website to read all the bonuses included in your Amazon Prime package.


6. Microsoft Office for FREE 

Many people don’t know this, but Microsoft Office can be 100% free to you if you are a college student. You can download their applications with the use of your student email. This could really give you a leg up in all of your school assignments. You can have Word and Powerpoint on your computer without paying for it.

7. Check out Unidays for exclusive discount codes and offers 

Unidays is another app that you can use to get student discounts that are current and accessible to all students. This December, they are offering 70% off all HP products on their website. UNidays will give you a coupon code to redeem this sale. They also have 60% on boohoo women’s and men’s, as well as, 70% off Missguided. Once you sign up, you will get their email notifications, so you won’t be out of the loop on what they are giving.

8. Use Honey on all online purchases 

Honey is an extension that you can download to give you coupon codes when you make online purchases. The extension opens up another tab to look up different coupon codes that you can use. In the past, you would have to research all of these on your own, but now you can let Honey do all the work for you. Honey can be used at any and every online store. They will apply the best coupon code to give you to most savings.

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9. Use Wikibuy to get the lowest price

Wikibuy is another extension that you can use to find the lowest price for anything that you can purchase online. A small window will pop up and show you where you can get for a cheaper price.

10. Keep your eye on Apple tech discounts on occasion 

Once you sign up for Apple email notification, you will receive any current deals they are having to your email. The offers are on select items, but it comes in handy when needing certain technology products to make your life easier. You may have to prove it with your ID or transcript, so be prepared for that.

The Ultimate College Discount Handbook

11. Applebee’s 

Applebee’s happy hours are fabulous to have a late-night snack or drink. Many of their locations have half off select appetizers after 9 on the weekdays and 10 PM on the weekends. You can go with all of your friends and eat well on a budget.


12. Follow eatdrinkdeals

To find a whole bunch of other current eating out deals, check out the blog above. They have something for everyone on this site. No matter your location, they have discounts and coupons for you to use and save money. 

What are some of your favorite discounts for college students? 

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