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25 Products Every College Student Should Own

25 Products Every College Student Should Own

A list of things you need for college! Products every college student should own, so add these to your college packing list. You need to bring these items!

So maybe you’re heading off to college for the first time or returning for another year of unforgettable memories, late night cram sessions and questionable decisions. Whether you’re a pro at college or just beginning, I’m sure there’s a few things you’re forgetting on that packing list. Let’s see… shower caddies; check, twin xl sheets; check, a backpack; check. Now that you’ve got all the boring stuff out of the way, we’ve got some nifty little products that you’re probably going to need (want) in order to make it through the year! Below are 25 products every college student should own, enjoy!

1) A Sippy Cup For Adults

Okay…maybe not adults per se, but you get the point. Spill proof, leak proof and easy to hold? This is definitely necessary for that “morning after” that you deal with way more often than you should.


2) The Party Smart Pill

And if the sippy cup just doesn’t cut it for you, call in back-up with the Party Smart Pill. This all-natural, herbal supplement will start working it’s magic the night before as you begin drinking, and the next morning you’ll feel as amazing as ever!

3) Instant Noodle Cooker

“Cup Noodles” lovers, rejoice! This awesome mug will heat up your water and cook your noodles instantly inside your favorite speedy appliance, the microwave! And the best part is that you can use it as a handy little mug to conveniently hold your noodles while you eat.


4) The “Who’s Most Likely To…” Game

Move over Cards Against Humanity..the new game is in town. This hilarious game is a great game for bringing everyone together, and for watching your friends trying to defend themselves against your hilarious accusations.


5) This Grilled Cheese Maker…Snoopy Style

A plain old pan just won’t do it for us these days. This handy grilled cheese maker is perfect for your dorm room or taking on the go, will cook your grilled cheese within minutes, and no need for flipping! Hallelujah! Plus, who wouldn’t want snoopy imprinted on their grilled cheese?

6) The Grammar Mug

Attention all grammar police….or those who..uh..lack grammar skills. This is the perfect mug for anyone who just can’t when it comes to people misspelling the most obvious words. It’s also a great gift for someone if they’re that person that can’t spell.


7) Not Your Average Sunglasses

These bad boys not only have a strap to make them impossible to lose, they also have a built in bottle opener. Double win. Not to mention that totally snazzy USA pattern is perfect. An awesome accessory for the summertime and fast-drying, so if they go in the water with you, they’ll dry super quickly!


8) A Portable Phone Battery Pack

Tell me these aren’t the cutest battery packs you’ve ever seen. And at the rates that we all blow through our phones’’re going to need one.


9) Relax! This Hamper Is On The List For Good Reason

It may look like your ordinary run of the mill hamper. But: it will probably save your life. If you fall victim to carrying (and constantly dropping or dragging) a load of dirty clothes across your dorm’s floors, you need this. A hamper with wheels seems obvious now, but why did you never think of it when you bought your first one??


10) Snuggles with BAE a.ka. Food

It’s normal to feel lonely sometimes…especially in college. That’s why it’s important to have something to snuggle up with after a long day. And what better than some squishy food pillows?


11) This iCozy Lap Desk

This lap desk is necessary for a multitude of reasons. It’s not only portable, but it’s especially great if you spend most of your time lying in bed. It has a soft cushion and panel that slides open for easy storage (the perfect spot to store your snacks while watching Netfli…I mean..doing… homework.)


12) Inflatable Party Dice

These lifesize blow-up dice will take pre-gaming to a new level. Enough said.


13) Hot Sauce On The Go

If you always gotta’ have your hot sauce, you need one of these key chains. Attach it to your car keys, dorm keys, lanyard, whatever…and fill it up with the good stuff. Never will you have to do without your favorite condiment again.


14) A Single Serve Coffee Maker

We all know the struggle of needing a coffee every morning before our 8 a.m. class if we want to make it out alive. But we also know the struggle of spending endless amounts of money every morning at the local coffee shop. Do yourself a big favor and just get a mini coffee maker for your apartment or dorm. You will save so much money in the long run and be happy you did.



15) A Mini Fridge With An Eraser Board

Most dorm rooms don’t come equipped with a fridge (if yours does, you lucked out!) So it’s probably a good idea to swipe one of these up before they all sell out when back-to-school shoppers hit the shelves, because leftovers will most likely be your best friend in college.

16) A Robotic Vacuum

Yep, you read that right. It’s a robot…and a vacuum. Let’s face it, we students just don’t have the time to constantly be sweeping our dorm room floors and picking up after our messy roommates. With this robotic vacuum, you won’t have to anymore! Just set it down and let it do all the work for you, problem solved.


17) Brita Water Bottle

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a good amount of empty water bottles lying around your dorm right now. Save water, plastic and money by getting a filtered water bottle! Just fill at any sink or fountain and you will have fresh, filtered water in seconds.

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18) A Place To Store Your Valuables

If you need a secret place to store any valuable belongings that you wouldn’t want your RA or your roommate to get their hands on, then this “dictionary” is the way to do it.



19) A Reminder Pillow

Seriously, just call your mom. If you sometimes forget to call your mother when you know she’s dying to hear from you, maybe you should get this #MomApproved pillow for your dorm.

20) These LED Speakers

You will seriously get the party started with these “water dancing” LED speakers. You can hook up most cell phones and laptops to these speakers and watch the magic happen! Your dorm will def be the pregame spot.


21) A TV/Movie Projector

This is perfect for movie nights with your roommates, or for when you’re just over watching things via your iPhone or laptop. And with this bad ass gadget, everyone will be dying to come to your dorm room for movies.


22) The “Never Soggy” Cereal Bowl

This is more than just an average cereal bow. And if you’re a typical college student, most of your mornings will probably involve eating as many bowls of cereal as you can in two minutes. The best part about this bowl is that if you hate soggy flakes, you won’t have to deal with it anymore! The milk goes in one side, the cereal in the other, and the milk slowly spirals into the cereal side, giving you just enough liquid to keep it crunchy!

23) A Ticket Stub Diary

One of the best parts about being in college is everything you will get to experience! Concerts, sporting events, movie premieres, trips, you name it! And with this handy little diary, you’ll get to use save those precious tickets as a keepsake to look back on all of the amazing things you did throughout your college years!


24) The Big Joe Dorm Chair

There’s nothing like that good ol’ dorm room furniture that’s just sooo comfortable. Upgrade yourself for only 30 bucks and get one of these awesome bean bag chairs. They come in a variety of colors and are stain resistant (huge plus), and for that can you say no?


25) Poo Pourri

For all of you out there that experience public poo-fright, this will be your new best friend! If the idea of pooing in a dorm filled with a bunch of roommates stresses you out, this spray works not to mask any unwanted scents, but to stop them before they happen! Just spray in the toilet before you go (it will create a film) and voilà! And with the amazing Amazon reviews, you know it will do the job.

Do you know of any other products every college student should own? If so, let us know in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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