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A Guide To Surviving Your Summer Job

A Guide To Surviving Your Summer Job

Although sometimes neccessary to have, a summer job can be a lot to handle. Need help surviving your summer job? Read on for tips!

You couldn’t wait for summer. Finally classes were done and it was time to pack up your dorm and move out. You couldn’t wait to go back home to enjoy the sun and make some memories. Too bad those “summer memories” consist of waking up at 7 a.m. to make it to your part-time summer job. Whether you are working as a camp counselor, a waitress, or any of the other variety of seasonal jobs offered to college students… chances are, you are miserable. Here’s a guide for making this summer a little more bearable.

Remember that it’s just a summer job

Sometimes when you are standing on your feet all day long listening to the same mix of songs playing over and over while dealing with angry customers it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t fret though, summer is halfway over and in a few months you will be back at college with your friends having a great time. If anything, let the anger you feel towards your summer job fuel your motivation to study harder and get a job in your desired major.

A Guide To Surviving Your Summer Job


Go into work with a positive attitude

You may be a little irritated when a fellow coworker asks if you are tired the second you walk through the door, but that slouch and those dark circles under your eyes aren’t giving off the best message to others. This tip is a little hard to follow when all you want to do is go back home and sleep in, but try to walk into your job with a coffee in your hand and a positive outlook on your mind.

Put yourself first

Remember that you are a person and not a minimum-wage machine. If you are feeling sick or you need a mental health day, don’t hesitate to call in sick every once and awhile. While at work, it’s important to stay hydrated (especially if your job is outside) and remember to take a lunch break.

A Guide To Surviving Your Summer Job


Avoid negative people

Is there one coworker that just seems to be prickly to you for no reason? Maybe a boss who won’t give you a break? The best piece of advice on dealing with these people at work is to not let them bother you. Understand that the job is temporary and in a few months your boss will still be working here and your rude coworker will go back to the mediocre college they came from.

Ask for less hours

If you are working from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with no breaks, by the end of the day you might be so tired that you collapse into your bed the second you get home. Don’t feel like you need to work yourself to the bone to try to pay off some of your college debt. Understand that you will have plenty of time before you graduate to make some extra cash.

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Plan fun activities on your days off

Make the most of the days you have off by planning fun activities. Take a weekend trip to the beach or go to an amusement park with your friends to make those summer memories you were dreaming of.

A Guide To Surviving Your Summer Job

Quit your job

Remember that there are thousands of part-time jobs available this summer. If the one you originally chose isn’t the right fit, don’t be afraid to find another. Or, if you want to make extra money, find a second job and take more hours there.


Do you have a summer job? Tell us how you’re surviving in the comments!

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