15 Fun Things To Do At The Beach If You Hate The Water

People are always trying to go to the beach, and if you don’t like the water you’re often the one getting dragged behind to probably just have an okay time, while everyone else happily splashes around in the tide. Bummer. The good news is, whatever your deal is, you can totally still be a beach person without having to place a toe in the waves. Next time your friends want to run away for a beach vacay, try out some of these 15 things to do at the beach to make sure you have a great time too.

1. Bring A Book

You know that book you’ve been meaning to read? Bring it to the beach. There’s no place as peaceful to settle down with a new read or you’re favorite classic than on the seashore with those beautiful waves as the backdrop. You’ll finally have a chance to focus on the pages, and simultaneously you’ll find yourself enjoying your time at the beach without having to jump in the water.

Here are some super fun things to do at the beach instead of swim!

2. Get Your Tan On

It’s the obvious answer for things to do at the beach, but still worth mentioning. Lay out, apply your trusty tanning oil, and focus your energy toward getting a nice, even tan. It really does take a fair amount of focus and dedication. You have to make sure you spend enough time on each side, and you have to make sure you’re not getting any weird lines. Getting the perfect tan will definitely take up your beach time, and you’ll leave with a nice little reward.

3. Buy Some Beach Games

If you’re not someone who enjoys taking time to just tan and relax, get up and get active with the myriad of beach games there are to play. At most beaches, it’s only a short walk to find set-up nets and balls for a game of beach volleyball. If not, you can bring your own activities without having to spend much money. There’s paddleball, Spikeball, Wiffle ball, and more. Whatever you love to play, bring it to the beach.

Here are some super fun things to do at the beach instead of swim!

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4. Try A Skim Board

A lot of the board activities, like stand up paddle boarding or boogie boarding, involve going deep in the water, but a skim board is a fun one you can try out without having to go into the big waves. Like the name implies, it’s all about skimming in that shallow surf at the water’s edge. It’s not easy, but spend your beach day giving it a try and the time will fly by.

5. Fly A Kite

You can get yourself moving without having to play a game. Bring a kite to the beach for a fun activity that will keep you active and distracted, trying to hoist that thing into the air on the ocean breeze. You’ll be totally satisfied once you manage to get it going, and you can come out with some super cute photos.

Here are some super fun things to do at the beach instead of swim!

6. Build A Sandcastle

It’s not an activity just for kids. You know why you built such good sandcastles when you were young? Your parents. Now that you’re the adult you can trick out your own castle yourself. Go crazy with it, building a totally over the top structure on the beach. If you’re real, you’ll even add a moat.

7. Go Looking For Shells

The beach is covered in beautiful shells. They fill the sand and sea making for a constant treasure hunt, and great decorations or jewelry for back home once you find some beauties. Spend your beach time sifting through the shore to see what you can discover.

Here are some super fun things to do at the beach instead of swim!

8. Take A Walk

It’s one of the most beautiful things to do at the beach. You get the explore the entire swath of shore as you walk endlessly in either direction. The ground is flat and your feet sink into the warm sand while you explore. Plus it’s a great opportunity to talk and catch up with whoever you’re at the beach with or just delve into your own thoughts.

9. Jam With A Speaker

Private beach party? I think yes. All you need is a speaker and some tunes to turn that small plot on the sand into a total rager. Plus, your mini dance club is centered in the most beautiful of venues–the beach! Whether it’s a party of one or dancing with all your friends, you’ve got a good time at the beach made.

Here are some super fun things to do at the beach instead of swim!

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10. Rent Bikes

I love renting and riding bikes wherever I go on vacation, but riding bikes down the beach is particularly sweet. You’ve got a beautiful coast to take in as you ride and a great ocean breeze flowing through your hair. And you don’t have to get wet or sandy in the least.

11. Have A Picnic

Beach picnics are total bliss. Grab a blanket and bring all of your favorite, portable foods out to a beautiful view for a great afternoon or evening. You could even pack a nice brunch and come out during the early morning before the crowds really hit for a beach all to yourself.

Here are some super fun things to do at the beach instead of swim!

12. Hunt With A Metal Detector

Hike up your shorts and strap on some dad sandals to totally complete the metal detecting look. Yeah, it may seem like an old man activity, but if you think about it it’s really a pretty cool time that could result in some major finds. How often do people lose stuff on the beach? How often do things get washed away by one shore and washed up on another? You never know what you could find.

13. Build A Bonfire

If you go to a beach that allows bonfires, this is the perfect evening activity. Okay, so you do need to be able to build a fire, or at least know someone who can build a fire, but after that it’s all a great time on the beach, no water involved. You can make dinner, roast marshmallows, or just chill out and watch the sunset for one of the most Insta-worthy things to do at the beach.

Here are some super fun things to do at the beach instead of swim!

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14. Throw A Frisbee

I don’t love going full athlete on the beach. It’s a place where I like to mainly relax. But sometimes when it’s a long day you’ve got ahead you, you need something that’ll get you out of your chair and moving every once in awhile. A frisbee is the perfect solution. There’s no major running involved. You can just toss casually between friends, or get as intense with it as you prefer.

15. Drink

If after this entire list, you still can’t really think of anything you’d like to do on the beach, then it’s time to pull out the liquor. Is drinking allowed on most beaches? No. Does drinking usually happen on most beaches? Yes. All you have to do is be discreet and pack your favorite beach drink mix in the cooler. Maybe then you’ll have a more fun time.

Here are some super fun things to do at the beach instead of swim!

Clearly, there are a lot of possibilities for things to do at the beach. What you choose is all about what you love to do. And what you love to do will only get better when instead of doing it inside, you’re doing it in front of a beautiful view, your toes in warm sand, and a nice breeze all around you. People love the beach for a reason. Try these fun activities next time you go to join the club.

What are your favorite things to do at the beach outside of the splash zone? Put them in the comments!

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