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The 15 Best Summer Jobs That Pay The Most Money

The 15 Best Summer Jobs That Pay The Most Money

It's important to make bank while you can before classes start back up. Here are the best summer jobs to do that while still having fun!

There are so many other important things in life than money. Happiness, friendship, mental stimulation. But when you’re a broke college student, money plays a big role in all of those things. If you don’t have money, you can’t buy food, pay rent, go out with friends or pay off those pesky student loans. That’s why summer is such a necessary time to rack up the cash. Once school starts there isn’t much time for anything besides going to class and studying (and getting sloshed on the weekends, of course). So, during this three-month span where there’s literally nothing to do besides work, you’re gonna want to make as much as possible. Here are 15 of the best summer jobs that will help you have a little extra cash once school comes around!

1. Nanny

Dang, if you get in with a good family you’re set! Nannies make an average of $16 an hour, but that number just continues to go up depending on the number of kids, their age, any disabilities they have and how much the family is willing to shell out. The best part is that you’re not going to get any of this money taken out in taxes because the parents will probably just pay you under the table.


2. Server

If you can get hired as a waitress at a high-end restaurant you’ll make bank. I recommend starting out at an average restaurant to get experience and then move up to nicer and nicer places when you can. Each night will be different, it’s a fast-paced environment and as long as you don’t have rude customers it’ll be a great job!

3. Dog Walker

Here’s a great way to get some exercise, play with dogs and get paid! It’s seriously the dream. Thanks to apps like Rover and Wag!, it’s super easy to get connected with people who need their pooches walked. Plus, you can charge up to $25 and maybe more a visit depending on where you live.


4. Housesitter

A lot of the best summer jobs are dependent on your area, and how much the customers are willing to cough up for the job. But on average, you can get $30 a day and $50 if it’s an overnight job.

5. Tutor

What’s a better way to keep your school skills sharp over the summer than by teaching someone else?! Plus, if you have any specialties, you can definitely charge more. ACT/SAT prep courses can cost an arm and a leg, so try tutoring some high schooler for that. Besides, you’re practically an expert in that if you made it into college!

6. Youtuber

This probably isn’t the fastest way to make money, but it could be a great way to be creative over the summer. If you make it big enough to get sponsors and ad deals, you can really make a lot of money from simply posting videos online.


7. Bartender

This would be one of the best summer jobs to continue on into the school year. If you can get a gig at one of those crazy college bars, you’re set. They get so much business, it’s insane! As long as the kids tip, you’ll make a boatload.

8. Lifeguard

The classic summer job! While this probably is just another minimum wage job, it’s so easy. You get to sit and tan all day by the pool. If you can stand the boredom of watching crazy children splash around all afternoon then this is one of the best summer jobs for you.


9. Construction Worker

This definitely is not the job for everyone. There are long hours and hard work in the sun. But if you can handle it, you’ll make so much money. Especially if you can get in a worker’s union because they’ll send you unemployment checks during the school year!


10. House Cleaner

Again, this one kind of depends on the situation. But depending on what services you offer and the customers you can make hundreds per visit!

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11. Swim Lesson Instructor

The key to this one is to offer private swim lessons. You can get like 50 bucks for an hour lesson. If the kids are young enough all you have to do is drag them around the pool with them kicking and paddling. Once they get older you don’t even have to be in the water! Just coach them and bring in the moolah.


12. Party Princess

Make all your wildest fantasies of being Cinderella come true! Sure, you’ll have to pay for the costume, but the experience of being a real-life princess in the eyes of little girls sounds unbeatable.

13. Tour Guide

You have to live in an area where tourists visit in order to be a tour guide. But if you live in a big city, this is a real money maker. The average wage is $13 an hour but that surely increases depending on where you’re giving the tours and how good you are at it.


14. Workout Class Instructor

You’ll have to get certified for this one, but once you do you can do it anywhere. Plus, it’s like getting paid to work out!

15. Host

Depending on the restaurant, you can earn a cut of the tips at the end of the night. So that means you can bring home like $100 each shift just by showing people to their tables.


Which of the best summer jobs have you had? What was it like? Let us know in the comments!