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20 Thoughts Every Student Has Walking Into Class

20 Thoughts Every Student Has Walking Into Class

Let’s be honest, no matter how loud our music is playing to help us forget we are going to class we still have twenty million thought going through our minds. Here’s just a few thoughts we have when walking into class:

1. Please don’t see anyone please don’t see anyone

*sees the one person you don’t want to*

2. Ugh I need my coffee to survive this.
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3. It’s not too late to turn back
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4. They could not be going any slower if they tried

5. That biker won’t actually hit me…

actually yeah, I should move.


6. Aw she’s dressed so cute

*looks down* *is wearing sweatpants and oversized sweatshirt with coffee stain*

7. Getting hit by a bus does guarantee free tuition right…?

8. *randomly starts raining* I really need to keep an umbrella so I stop looking like a wet dog
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10. No seriously, walk faster.

We all know it doesn’t take 10-15 minutes to get everywhere on campus and I need time to rest before the class actually starts.

11. *Thursday* oh there’s the girl from my Monday class, and here I am wearing the same shirt… maybe she won’t remember?
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12. I’m definitely treating myself to a nap later.
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13. Did anyone just see me trip?

14. *holds door open for someone who doesn’t say thank you* YOU’RE WELCOME.


16. Actually I really need a nap now.
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17. Can people tell how much I’m sweating right now?

I should probably go to the gym and get in shape. Nah, this is enough exercise.

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18. Wait, it’s still just Monday?

Walking into class makes every day feel like a Monday.
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19. Did I do my homework? Am I going to the right class? I think I may switch my major… again.

You know you think this when you walk into class. Don’t deny.


20. *Sits down* Is it time to leave yet?

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Let us know what you think about walking into class in the comments below!
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