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10 Free Things To Do Around Boston University

10 Free Things To Do Around Boston University

10 Free Things To Do Around Boston University

As broke college students, we’re all constantly looking for ways to save money while still doing cool things and going to cool places. Therefore, here are 10 fun, free things to do or see near Boston University’s campus.

1. Walk the Freedom Trail

Though paid tours are available, you can also walk the Freedom Trail by yourself. Spanning a 2.5 mile stretch of the city, the Freedom Trail is marked by a thin line of red brick, and leads you through places of historical relevance in Boston, like the Old North Church and Boston Common.

A statue of the famous ducks at Boston Common.

2. Boston Common

Speaking of, why not spend some time here before embarking on a walking tour? The Common hosts statues, a skating area in winter, and the famous ducks, as well as the park itself. It’s also the perfect place in which to start the Freedom Trail, since it directs you over to the Central Burying Ground, which is about a block away from the Common.

3. Arnold Arboretum

Located in Jamaica Plain, the neighborhood next to Boston University, the Arnold Arboretum is a massive landscape of gardens. Wander through and lose yourself for a little while in their collection of around 15,000 living plants.

4. College and University Tours

Boston and its sister city of Cambridge have, combined, a lot of schools. One free thing you can do is go on college and university tours, whether you have a prospective student with you or not. Considering how many students Boston has, it’s a good way to look at what it means to live and work in Boston.

5. Sam Adams Beer Tours

Another free thing you can do is tour The Boston Brewery. You’ll learn about the ingredients used, as well as the brewing process. Visitors 21 years and older can also sample the beer at the end of the tour.

The famous Bates Hall in the Central branch of the Boston Pubic Library.

6. Visiting the Boston Public Library

Though you need to be a resident to get a library card, just visiting the Central branch of the BPL is an experience. Bates Hall (pictured) is a great place to study, while the courtyard is good for relaxing. The library also often hosts free events, including music, classes, or lectures, among others.

7. Check out the MFA

The Museum of Fine Arts, which is a 15-minute walk from BU’s campus, is free on Wednesday afternoons after 4 p.m. and on certain Open House days. This museum is full of different types of art, including jewelry, painting, and sculpture. Exhibits change often as well.

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A statue on the Irish Heritage Trail, in Boston.

8. Irish Heritage Trail

Yet another free thing you can wander down is the Irish Heritage Trail, meant to celebrate Irish-American heroes and artists and what they’ve done for and in Boston. The trail is divided into sections, with 20 sites in Back Bay and downtown Boston alone. Over 50 sites are located in the other neighborhoods.

9. Eat at Faneuil Hall

Faneuil Hall, while being a necessary stop due to its historical importance, is also a great place to go because of the variety of food offered. Before the American Revolution, it was the site of speeches by Samuel Adams and James Otis, among others. Like Boston Common, it has a lot to offer.

10. Walk along the Charles River

Take a stroll along the BU Beach, or another section of the Charles River. It’s completely free, and is good exercise to boot. When you return refreshed, your mind and body will definitely thank you.

So, there you have it! Everything on this list is a definite must for a lazy weekend without prior plans. Go forth, and explore these free things near BU’s campus!

Image Sources: Pinterest and Pixabay
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