You Know You’re From Massachusetts If

I've lived in Massachusetts my whole life and there are certain things you only know or do if you live around here. You know you're from Massachusetts if...

I have lived in Massachusetts for my whole life and I have noticed there are certain things you only know about or do if you live in Massachusetts or the New England area. You know you’re from Massachusetts if…

1. You go to Dunks multiple times a week.

I have about 5 Dunks in a 5-mile radius in my town. I go at least once every day because I am obsessed with coffee. And I know I’m not the only one because the lines in Dunks are CRAZY!


2. You can pronounce town names easily.

Have you ever seen the Buzzfeed video of people trying to pronounce Massachusetts towns names? It’s hilarious! I tried along with them and it was a piece of cake. Try it out yourself!


3. The weather can change instantly.

This is more of a New England thing but, I have woken up in the morning and it is down pouring and I just wait an hour and the skies have cleared and it’s a bright and sunny day!


4. You’ve never been to Cape Cod.

That was obviously sarcasm but you will call it the cape unless you want to sound like a tourist.

5. You call it a rotary.

What is this roundabout you speak of? LOL. On a TV show, I heard someone call it a roundabout and I didn’t know what they were talking about till they explained it a little more.


6. Hearing the song “Sweet Caroline” will always remind you of Red Sox games.

My favorite part of Red Sox games is when everybody sings it all together!

7. You have never called the T “the train.”

I take the T often and it’s weird when I hear someone call it the train.

8. “Wicked” is not a bad thing.

People here say wicked as a good thing not in an evil or bad way. For example, “That donut was wicked good.”


9. You will always support the Boston sports teams.

Even if you don’t pay attention to sports or know whats going on during the game if a Boston team is playing you root for them.



10. Chocolate jimmies.

Rainbow sprinkles. Chocolate jimmies.

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11. You know there’s more to Massachusetts than just Boston.

Everyone seems to forget that Boston isn’t the only place in Massachusetts. lol


12. You have been honked at by a driver.

Happens every day.

13. You have honked at a driver.

“Masshole.” It’s a compliment though.


14. You’ve had a lot of snow days.

I live for snow days and we get them so often because it snows a ton.

15. Hoodsie ice cream.

This was my favorite thing. You would get them all the time in the summer and at birthday parties.

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