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Step By Step Guide To Self Tanning

Step By Step Guide To Self Tanning

Step By Step Guide To Self Tanning

Oh, how we don’t miss winter! We’re so glad that it’s finally over! There’s nothing more pleasant than stepping outside of your front door and realizing that you no longer need to wrap yourself in your parka and a thick scarf—don’t forget the mittens, toque, snow boots, thick socks, this list can go on and on.

So, now that the cold weather is behind us, you know what that means? Endless tanks, dresses, shorts, and flip flops! Warmer weather also means getting your tan on!

Now, you can go to your local tanning salon and get your girls to fix you up for the summer season. Or,  you can indulge in a little self tanning and get your golden look by doing it all by yourself. I know that a lot of people may be skeptical to do self tanning. What if it goes wrong? What if I miss a spot? What if it doesn’t work? Remember that there is a right and wrong way to self-tan and today we’re going to show you how to self tan, all on your own, the right way!

Step By Step Guide To Self Tanning

Here’s a quick guide:

1. Exfoliate

This step is the most important, perhaps that’s why it’s at the top…You need to exfoliate your entire body before you put on your self-tanner. The purpose of exfoliating is that your skin can effectively absorb all the product that you’re going to put on to get your new golden color. Remember, when choosing your exfoliator, try to choose a product that isn’t oil-based; an oil-based product makes for a streaky tan.

A few suggestions for body exfoliators which you may want to try:

Step By Step Guide To Self Tanning

2. Moisturize

It’s crucial that after you exfoliate and shower, you moisturize your entire body. Pay closer attention to places on your body that tend to be drier than others; also remember to pay special attention to knees, elbows, hands, and feet. These parts of your body tend to usually be drier and if they’re drier than the rest of your body when you start to tan, the results will be patchy. No one wants a patchy tan!

Step By Step Guide To Self Tanning

3. Apply Self Face Tanner To Face

Remember that there are different tanners for your face and for the rest of your body. You start with your face.

Take a small amount of the self-tanner and apply it in the areas where the sun would hit first: forehead, apples of your cheek, and the bride of your nose). Take these small dabs that you’ve applied and start blending them outwards onto the rest of your face. Remember to always choose tanners that are suitable for your skin tone, they do vary.

Here are some suggestions for face tanners:

Step By Step Guide To Self Tanning

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4. Apply Self Body Tanner To Body

Just like the face tanners, there are body tanners that are meant for specific skin tones so choose yours carefully.

When applying the body tanner, start from the ankle and feet and work your way up. You can always use a self tanning mitts to get to places that are harder to reach.

Here are some suggestions for ones you can try:

Step By Step Guide To Self Tanning

And there you have it, 4 easy steps on how to do some self tanning right at home. This step-by-step method will help save you a ton of money this summer. So, go ahead, get your glow on!

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