10 Ice Cream Places In Austin Perfect For A Hot Day

The weather is slowly getting hotter and that can only mean one thing: Ice Cream! There are so many Ice cream places in Austin, each sweeter and cooler than the other, and all making you scream “Ice Cream!” Below is a list of 10 ice cream places in Austin that are perfect for a hot day, and we all know that Austin has many, many hot days.

1. Amy’s Ice Cream

No trip to Austin is complete without some Amy’s Ice Cream. With so many creative flavors and delicious crush ins, the possibilities of what you will taste are endless, but all are incredible. To top it off, the staff are all super cool people and they can perform some pretty cool ice cream tricks, so don’t be surprised if you see your ice cream flying in the sky before you hold it in your hands.

10 Ice Cream Places In Austin Perfect For A Hot Day

2. Lick Honest Ice Creams

This ice cream is homemade and local, meaning they only use the best and purest ingredients that they can find! They never use artificial colors or preservatives, ensuring the ice cream that you put in your body is the best that it possibly can be. This is one of the ice cream places in Austin that you just can’t pass up on!

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3. Gelateria Gemelli

“Gemelli” translates to twins in Italian and the owners of Gelateria Gemelli, both Gemini, decided the name was fitting. They use organic milk to make their delicious gelato in small batches and get their ingredients from local suppliers. You can taste the goodness in each bite!

4. Baked Bear

Cookies. Ice cream. Name a better combo. Baked bear makes an ice cream sandwich out of their original craft ice creams and their cookies that are hand-scooped and made on site. They taste like nobody’s business!

10 Ice Cream Places In Austin Perfect For A Hot Day

5. Ice Scrapers

Tai inspired ice cream rolls have become extremely popular, and Ice Scrapers takes it to the next level. Each of their rolls is made from delicious ingredients in their red food truck. This family-owned business knows what they are doing.

6. Cold Cookie Company

Right in the heart of West Campus, this is one of the Ice Cream places in Austin that is always buzzing with people. That’s how you know it’s good! This ice cream truck has so many flavors, cookies, and toppings that you won’t know what to choose!

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7. Steel City Pops

One of the other great ice cream places in Austin is Steel City Pop, even though it might not be ice cream. These popsicles are “gourmet” and they are made from exclusively all natural ingredients, and you can taste it. Don’t miss out on this amazing snack.

10 Ice Cream Places In Austin Perfect For A Hot Day

8. Spun Ice Cream

These two sisters from Austin, Texas spin their ice cream fresh and to order using liquid nitrogen. This brings out the flavors of the farm fresh ingredients that are used!

9. Berry Austin

Frozen Yogurt – the healthy ice cream – does not get left out of the list, especially when it’s as delicious as the frozen yogurt at Berry Austin. A proud supporter of recycling, all of the decor, furniture, and bowls are made from recycled material, so you can feel good about what you are eating, and where you are eating it from!

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10. Tèo Gelato

Yes, we are back to gelato. This gelato is made by a man born and raised in Austin, who is inspired by the Italian. With so many flavors to choose from, you know that this gelato is the real deal!

Have you ever been to any of these ice cream places in Austin? Let me know what you think about them down in the comments!

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