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10 Drinking Games You’ve Never Heard Of Before

10 Drinking Games You’ve Never Heard Of Before

First of all, let’s face it. Everyone is going to drink. Whether it is in celebration of a birthday, breaking up with a crazy ex, or sulking in the memories that you once had with someone, alcohol can be your best friend. Correction, best friends (since there are so many different types to choose from). We all know that drinking alone is no fun. There is fun in numbers, so grab your close friends and have a good time. Like I said, everyone is going to drink, so why not make the best of it? Here are 10 drinking games you’ve never heard of to get you started!

1. Bear Paw

This is a two for one. . . beer and vodka. A glass is filled with beer, and one player takes a drink from it. After they’re done, they top it off with vodka. The process repeats itself until the glass becomes pure vodka. Then, it’s reversed. A player takes a sip of vodka and tops it off with beer. There is no end time to this. Go until you can’t go any more.


2. Flip, Sip, or Strip

Gather a group of three or more, some alcohol, and you’re ready to play. The first player flips the coin and calls it in the air. If they guess right, they pass the coin to the right. However, if they guess wrong, they either have to take a sip of alcohol or take off an article of clothing. The catch? You cannot take two sips in a row or take off two pieces of clothing in a row. Then the coin is passed to the left.

3. Most Likely

The less friends who play, the more you drink. Everyone sits in a circle and one player asks the question “Who is most likely to. . .?” Then, everyone points to someone who they think the answer to the question is. However many fingers are pointed at you, you take a drink.


4. Cutthroat

Beer pong and flip cup in one. It’s the best of both worlds. The teams start off by playing flip cup. You drink what’s in your cup and flip it until it lands upside down. Once every player on the team accomplishes this task, one person takes a ping pong ball and shoots it into another cup. If you miss, fill your cup back up and start again.

5. Power Hour

60 shots in one hour. A shot every minute. Can you handle it?

6. Straight Face

Everyone writes down a ridiculous sentence. One by one, they are read. If you laugh, you drink.


7. 3 In a Row

This is a 2 player game with a deck of cards. The dealer asks the player ‘red or black?’. Then the card is revealed to show what color it is. If the wrong color is chosen, the player drinks and the game is started over. If they guess the right color, then the dealer asks ‘higher or lower?’ than the first card. If they guess wrong, they have to drink and the game starts over again. If they guess right, then the dealer asks ‘in between or outside?’ the first two cards. If they’re wrong, they drink and, you guessed it, the game starts over. But if they get this one right, they win, and they now get to be the dealer.

8. Edward 40 Hands

Two hands. Two 40 ounce beers. One roll of duct tape. 80 ounces until freedom. Two 40 ounce beers are duct taped to each of the player’s hands. They can only drink until their drinks is gone. They are not allowed to do anything else until the cans are empty. Simple, right?

9. Ring of Fire

A player picks a card from the deck and does the action that the card tells them to. Then, they put the card under the tab of a beer. The first one to open up the beer has to chug it.

Deck of cards key:

Ace – Waterfall (The player who picked the card drinks, once they start the next person drinks and so on, and when the player who picks the card stops drinking, so does the next person and so on.)

King – The first to pick a King pours some of their drink into a cup. The player to pick the last king has to drink what’s in the cup.

Queen – The player who chooses this card can ask a random question any time. The person who answers must drink. (e.g. “Where is the bathroom?”)

Jack – The player who picks a Jack must make a rule, and any time that the rule is broken by a player, that player must drink. The rule is in effect until the next Jack is picked.

10 – Categories (The player who chose the card must pick a category, like ‘animals’. Then everyone else has to name an animal and the first person to not think of one or repeat what someone else has already said, must drink.)

9 – Rhyme – – the player who drew the card picks a word and everyone rhymes with it (whoever is the first person who can’t come up with a rhyme has to drink)

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8 – Date (Pick someone to drink with you.)

7 – Heaven (point to the sky and whoever is last to point to the sky drinks)

6 – 6 is for the chicks (girls drink)

5 – 5 is for the guys (guys drink)

4 – 4 floor (touch the floor and drink)

3 – 3 is for me (the player who picks the card drinks)

2 – 2 is for you (the player who picks the card chooses someone to drink)

10. Pennies

Try to bounce a penny into a glass of beer and every time you miss, take a drink.



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