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How to Prevent a Hangover Next Time You’re Out

How to Prevent a Hangover Next Time You’re Out

Here's how to prevent a hangover. These hangover cures are perfect for the next time you go out. You don't want be to hungover all day. Check out these tips

The worst thing about drinking is the hangover; aside from all the poor decisions you might make. Let me be the first to say, if someone hasn’t already told you this, your hangovers get significantly worse as you get older. You’ll feel it, trust me. Hangovers were already unpleasant and painful to begin with. Luckily my older siblings gave me the 411 on how to prevent a hangover when I started out. These tips on how to prevent a hangover are pretty spot on and do the trick just about every time. Say goodbye to headaches, vomiting, dehydration, nausea and fatigue. Here is your ultimate guide on how to prevent a hangover. Kick that shit to the curb.

Drink In Moderation

This might not be the easiest trick for people to achieve. Even if you are someone who needs only 1 or 2 drinks to get drunk, chances are you’ll find yourself heading to the bar for more. Moderation is always a feasible way to prevent a hangover.

Have A Drink The Morning After

A drink. Singular, not plural. Seems like a contradiction almost honestly. However, it is a famous hangover remedy. Drinking more alcohol affects the metabolism of methanol which is found in some drinks. Drinking alcohol the morning after can suppress the hangover process by preventing formaldehyde from being created. Formaldehyde is a toxic substance. If you’ve ever said “I feel like there are toxins in my body,” that’s the stuff. Get yourself a Bloody Mary if you really have to.


Drink Water

You all know this one. If you drink a glass of water before you go to bed, you should be good to go the next morning. Unless you’d rather drink water throughout the duration of your night; realistically, we know that’s not happening.

Eat A Big Breakfast

Hangovers are often associated with low blood sugar levels. Eggs are a perfect source of cysteine, which helps kill a headache. Try and stick to a dry omelet. Believe it or not, greasy bacon and breakfast meats can upset your stomach even more. You should also avoid herbal teas in the morning. It’s been found that your hangover will last longer if you drink tea. Weird but true.

Stick To Clear Liquor

Drinks like gin and vodka have fewer toxins in them. Fewer toxins, fewer problems.


Make Chasers Gatorade

While you’re drinking, if you need a chaser here are a few options: coconut water, Gatorade or other sports drink. They replace the fluids with electrolytes. Any nutrients you lose when drinking, you gain back.
Another smart tip is alternating between a sports drink and booze. You should be good to go.

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Eat A Big Meal Before

Before you go out, eat a big meal. I have made this mistake far too many times. Yeah feeling bloated at a bar is shit but honestly, a hangover is way shittier at this point. If you eat protein, carbs or fats before you take your first sip of alcohol; your metabolism will work better when it comes to breaking down that liquor.



Another way how to prevent a hangover is by doubling up on multivitamins. Hangovers aren’t just about dehydration. There is also inflammation. You can prevent this from happening by popping an extra multivitamin. You can even have an acai bowl or pomegranate juice before you go out. This is a pretty easy way how to prevent a hangover if you ask me.


This is one of the most popular ways on how to prevent a hangover. Nearly a third of Pedialyte’s market is adults. This recent hangover remedy has taken everyone by storm. It was created for dehydrated children and has worked its way into being people’s favorite hangover cure. I have yet to try it but word on the street is it seriously works. You drink half the bottle and your nausea and headache disappear. Not too shabby. It’s got five times the amount of potassium found in a bottle of Gatorade; plus half the calories.

Let us know what you think about other ways of to prevent a hangover in the comments below! If you need yourself drinking games, we’ve got you covered as well.
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