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16 Cute And Easy Christmas Party Ideas

16 Cute And Easy Christmas Party Ideas

From decor to party favors, you're going to want to make sure your party is perfect! Keep reading for 15 cute and easy Christmas party ideas.

If you’re thinking of throwing a Christmas party, you’re probably going to have to do a little research first. From decor to party favors, you’re going to want to make sure your party is perfect! Keep reading for 15 cute and easy Christmas party ideas.

1. Hot Chocolate Bar

Line up a bunch of fun toppings like marshmallows and candy cane stirrers for your very own hot chocolate bar!

2. Giant Festive Holly

This giant balloon holly decoration is an adorable way to deck the halls for your party.


Learn how to make this giant holly decoration here!

3. Melted Snow

Created your own “Melted Snow” labels and put them on individual water bottles for your guests!

4. Jell-O Shots Tree

For your party-goers over 21, build a Christmas tree made entirely out of Jell-O shots! So festive.


5. Stocking Silverware Holders

Place silverware at each seat in a mini stocking. So easy and yet such a cute touch.

6. Christmas Light Vases

One of the more chic Christmas party ideas, string some Christmas lights through vases and around your other decor. This idea will even make pine cones look absolutely gorgeous.

7. Reindeer Juice

A cute idea for your holiday punch is to label it as “Reindeer Juice”! Kids will love this little touch.


8. Reindeer Food

Another great idea is to make disposable cubs into little reindeer faces and label them as “Reindeer Food”.

9. Wine Glass Candle Centerpiece

A fun decoration you already have on your shelf! Fill wine glasses with ornaments, tip them upside down onto a mirror or platter, and top with a tea light.

10. Hot Chocolate Christmas Ornaments

Fill clear ornaments with hot chocolate mix and toppings to hand out as party favors!

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11. Christmas Light Fire

If you’re worried about lighting a fire at your party, string Christmas lights around wooden logs and place them in your fire place. So pretty!

12. Reindeer Favors

Another fun party favor idea is to fill individual cone baggies with chocolate and turn them into reindeer faces.


13. Christmas Light Balloons

Tape disposable cups to balloons and string them across your room to make a giant string of “Christmas lights”.

14. Snowman Refrigerator

Put a face and scarf on your refrigerator to create a snowman fridge!

15. Festive Popcorn Bags

Simply stamp brown paper bags with white snowflakes and fill with popcorn. An easy and elegant Christmas party idea.


16. Liquid Flannel

For the older crew, label your yummy Christmas cocktails as “Liquid Flannel” and serve in a brass mug.

What are some of your fave Christmas party ideas? Tell us in the comments below!
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