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10 Strong Bar Drinks For Those Who Like It Stiff

10 Strong Bar Drinks For Those Who Like It Stiff

Don’t lie – there are some nights when you’re feeling a strong cocktail. For whatever the reason may be, I’ve got a list of some of the top guns in the cocktail world. Here is a list of 10 strong bar drinks to order whenever you’re feeling it. These potent cocktails are some of the stiffest drinks in the game; be wary of a strong buzz.

1. Zombie

The name sounds fitting doesn’t it? This drink was initially invented to cure a hangover. This shaken tiki drink has proven to be significantly stronger than the average bar drink. Honestly, don’t use this as a morning-after cure. The Zombie should be used for seriously deadly occasions! It’s no wonder it makes the list of strong bar drinks.

The essentials: Rum, Absinthe, Falernum.

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2. Jungle Juice

For those of you who have had this drink at a party, I guarantee the night ended in disaster; I’ve got the stories to prove it! We all know this college staple was invented for two reasons: you can use any beverage you’ve got in the fridge and it gets a party going. Surprisingly, this is one of the strong bar drinks that can be cleaned up for a mature soiree. Feel free to opt out of using a bucket. Here is a basic grown-up guideline to creating some seriously strong Jungle Juice that’s drinkable.

The Essentials: Clear Spirit, White Wine (keep it classy), Fruit Liqueur

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3. Scorpion Bowl

You all know you’ve indulged in a Scorpion Bowl when out with friends for Hibachi or at a sketchy billiards club. The flaming 151 in the center of the bowl is no joke. Piece of advice; make sure they don’t put lighter fluid in the center of the bowl versus 151. Can’t lie though, it is pretty fun when one of your friends takes the plunge and is disgustingly surprised. As one of the strong bar drinks that’ll get the party started, its combination of three liquors doesn’t disappoint. The straws always add a bit of fun to it as well. If anyone is brave enough to inhale the tiki punch, you should absolutely go for it. Don’t be an idiot and order one for yourself.

The Essentials: Dark Rum, Orgeat, Gin

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4. Martini

Believe it or not, this classic is one of the stiffest bar drinks you can order. I’m sure many of you don’t think of it as hardcore since the birth of Sex In The City but it’s legit. You can customize this drink to minimize the strong taste but c’mon, it’s a martini.

The Essentials: Gin and Dry Vermouth

5. Death In The Afternoon

Yep, you read that properly. Classic American lit fans, you have Hemingway to thank for this one. He has an entire book dedicated to this cocktail. This is one strong aperitif. If you know anything about Absinthe, you know if it’s found in your drink, you’re essentially in for a good time… or screwed. Stick to ordering just one of these at the bar.

The Essentials: Absinthe and Sparkling Wine

6. Dos Aquis

Direct translation: two X’s. Pretty sure the naming is appropriate. This make the list for strong bar drinks since this concoction is a killer. More rum, more fun! This drink has got a serious cinnamon zest to it, so save it for the fall nights.

The Essentials: Cinnamon Fire Rum, Horchata Rum, Coffee Rum

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7. Cranberry Spice Moonshine

You saw moonshine and were curious weren’t you. This essentially potent booze has been banned in several states. If you find yourself at a bar where the bartender knows their stuff, the crafty bar connoisseur might let you have the good stuff. It’s got a lavender vanilla taste or can be used with something a bit zestier, limoncello. This takes cranberry vodka to a whole new level. This recipe uses Everclear.

The Essentials: A bottle of Everclear, Nutmeg, Apple Cider

An easy Sparkling Cranberry Vodka Punch recipe that is perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's day or to make any day a festive occasion!

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8. Gin Negroni

This is definitely on the strong bar drinks list. It’s a classic Italian cocktail you are bound to have had before. All I can say is drink this if you’re feeling brave.

The Essentials: Campari, Woody Creek Gin . Carpano Antica Vermouth

9. Aunt Roberta

Aunt Roberta must have been one fucked up gal. This might be the strongest cocktail in the world. I’m not joking. It’s 100% alcohol. This drink was created by a slave owner in 1800’s Alabama. It’s said Roberta went into the moonshine business and used to sell her drink to everyone who wanted to drown their sorrows. Tip: don’t drink this when emotional. I’m gonna have to say this is the second strongest cocktail on the strong bar drinks list.

The Essentials: Gin, Vodka, Brandy, Blackberry liquor, Absinthe

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10. Chatham Artillery Punch

Perhaps the name gives away why it’s on the strong bar drinks list. This is another party punch that packs some serious damage. People are bound to walk away saying they had a great time; or barely remembering the night. Beware: it’s pretty addictive since it tastes phenomenal. This citrusy drink is going to blow your mind! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Essentials: 3 bottles of Champagne, Jamaican rum, a bottle of Bourbon and a bottle of VSOP Cognac

When you try these strong bar drinks, let us know how they were! Drop us a line!!
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