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10 Simple Bar Drinks Under 100 Calories

10 Simple Bar Drinks Under 100 Calories

Here's your list of simple bar drinks under 100 calories. Drinking under 100 calories can be tough so I've got the list ready to go for your next night out.

Alright, if you are going to the bar and are looking to get a drink under 100 calories you may as well not go at all. However, I’ve got your back and did a little research on simple bar drinks you could order that are under 100 calories. If you’re counting calories though, you probably shouldn’t be at the bar regardless. To each their own!

1. Vodka Soda
96 calories.

Ordering a vodka soda will definitely cut down your calorie intake if you sip on these the entire night. Anything with soda water has zero calories so the only thing to account for is the booze. Careful though, bartenders tend to cop out on the booze when creating these drinks and load on the soda water. Then again, if you’re trying to chill on your calorie intake, you probably shouldn’t be drinking at all.

2. Rum and Diet Coke
96 calories.

Rum is all you’ve got to account for here. Similar to soda water, Diet Coke has zero calories.

3. Champagne
90 Calories

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Only 90 calories in a glass of champagne! Pop the bubbly! It’s no wonder this one of the simple bar drinks under 100 calories.

4. Michelob Ultra
95 Calories

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This is definitely falls under the simple bar drinks category. A Michelob Ultra has come out with a new light cider that is 1/3 of the calories in regular hard ciders.

5. Mojito
100 Calories

Hitting that calorie count right on the dot. This refreshing and minty drink has always been a favorite. Make sure to ask the bartender to use half the amount of simply syrump. That way you’re saving yourself 40 calories. Simple mint, lime and soda water with rum has you at 100 calories.

6. Vanilla Vodka and Diet Ginger Ale
90 Calories

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Something that tastes like a cupcake and is 90 calories? I’m in.

7. Tequila and Soda
100 Calories

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As a taco Tuesday and margarita fanatic, tequila and soda keeps me at bay. This drink is 100 calories and will allow you to chow on more tacos.

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8. Gin and Diet Tonic
100 Calories

This drink is way better than a Red Bull vodka. Upgrade your typical order from the simple bar drinks list and get yourself a “G” and “T” with lime.

9. Sparkling Wine
85-100 Calories

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Wine lovers, looks like you don’t have to give up your wine. Plus bubbles make everything fun.

10. Amaro
75 Calories

This cocktail is an after-dinner digestive. It has a woody and smoky taste to it. It’s quite refreshing. Go for Braulio, Cynar or Averna when ordering.

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These bar drinks are the best and under 100 calories!
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