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31 Cool Gifts On Amazon To Wish For This Year

31 Cool Gifts On Amazon To Wish For This Year

Great gift ideas from Amazon, product selections on Amazon can be overwhelming if you want to pick a gift for someone - or wish for one yourself!

The holiday season tends to be the most hectic time of year that always seems to creep up out of nowhere. In what seems like the blink of an eye, it’s time to start going shopping for presents for friends and family. But what about what YOU want? Remember that while you’re shopping for loved ones, those loved ones will be shopping for you! So if you’re at a loss for what to ask for, here are some wish list suggestions – 31 cool gifts on Amazon! And if you accidently waited ’til the last minute for your christmas shopping, here are some last minute Amazon Prime gifts you can get in time for Christmas!

Health and Beauty

1. An at home hot oil hair treatment.

Get a hot oil treatment in the comfort of your own home without visiting the salon.

Take care of your hair with a hot oil treatment. 

2. Your heels with thank you with this at-home pedi.

Your feet will definitely be worn out from all the errands and work you have to run to throughout the day.  Soak and repair your heels for all the refreshing feels with an at-home pedicure.


Give yourself a pedicure in your own home, for free with Amope!

3. Moisturizing body wash that works and smells amazing.

Wish away dry, irritable skin in one soak.

Hydration starts in the shower, so use a moisturizing body wash!

4. Body butter for the softest skin.

Continue the hydration after you get out of the shower for the softest, silkiest results!

Follow up your shower with a body butter for the most intense hydration!

5. A clay face mask.

The face is, obviously, a very important feature.  So treat it right! Resurface and polish your skin with some sheet or clay masks.


Refresh your face with a mask once a week!

6. Liquid lipstick that’s super convenient.

With such a busy schedule, who has time to worry about reapplying lipstick?  Opt for a liquid-to-matte lipstick over a traditional tube for maximum wear time.

A liquid lipstick will last much longer than a traditional tube lipstick. 

7. An Immunity booster to help prevent colds.

Does your immune system need a boost?  This supplement will help strengthen your immunity against the dreaded flu and cold.

An immunity supplement will help you stay healthy! 

8. You can’t go wrong with unique glass water bottles.

Stay hydrated on the go this season to best avoid getting sick and feeling run-down. Plus, water tastes better in glass – I’m serious. These are such cool gifts on Amazon because there’s so many to choose from!


A glass water bottle will make your water taste better - I swear!

9. A weighted jump rope for a simple yet effective at home workout.

Weighted jump ropes can trim your arms and pump your heart quickly in your own home or backyard. No need to visit the gym!

A jump rope can provide a quick workout in almost anywhere! 


10. Hats make the perfect winter accessory.

Whether you’re keeping your head warm or just hiding the bird’s nest you woke up with, hats are always a great winter accessory. There’s so many hats that make cool gifts on Amazon!

A beanie is a great accessory both warm and cold days.

11. Cute scarves!

Scarves are perfect throughout the entire year, so this gift won’t ever go unused. Choose a heavy, chunky one to stay warm in the winter or a light, sheer one to look cute in the spring! Scarves are cool gifts on Amazon because there’s so many to choose from!


A scarf is cute in all four seasons.


12. Invitations!

You’ll need a lot of stationery this season to send out those party invitations and holiday cards. Make sure you stay in touch with all your loved ones with some pretty paper!

13. Art supplies are great whether they’re beginners or pros.

No matter your level of artistic talent, coloring and painting is always a fun, indoor activity to do on a cold, snowy day.

Art supplies are great tools to have for a snowy winter day.

14. A crochet kit!

Make a gift that comes directly from your heart – and hands – this holiday season… if you have the patience.


If you crochet, you can make a very special gift for a special someone! 

15. A personalized picture frame creator.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, so why not put those words in a self-created frame? You can put an image, or get creative and literally put words for decoration.

16. Scrapbook kit to record all of their adventures.

If a single frame isn’t enough, upgrade your mission to making an entire scrapbook. You can keep it for yourself or give it as an amazing gift!


17. Holiday coasters!

Coasters are functional and beautiful, so choose some nice holiday ones to decorate your coffee table.


Keep your table clean and decorated with a cute set of coasters,

18. Candles are great no matter the ocassion.

Light up the room with a festive candle.  Not only will it provide light, but it will also provide a warm, holiday spirit! A wish list staple!

Candles will warm up your room and your heart.

19. Wallflowers if candles aren’t your thing.

If you’re not a fan of candles, try a Wallflower instead. There’s a variety of scents to choose from, so you’ll get the smell of a candle without having to worry about a flame.

Wallflowers can give the same experience as a candle, but without the flame! 

20. Baker’s rack to save space!

A baker’s rack can create space in the kitchen in a decorative way!


A bakers rack can free up some space in a decorative way.

Meal Prep

21. Organic Snacks!

If you can, try to go organic. Also keep in mind this is on your wish list, so you won’t be the one paying for the expensive healthy stuff.

Eating organic food can benefit your health.

22. A dish set to make them feel fancy.

Cooking the family meal in a nice new dish set will make the holidays feel even more special.

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Nice dishes can set the tone for any special occasion.

23. A cute tea infuser.

Drinking tea keeps your body feeling warm and relaxed, and different leaves have different health benefits!

Using a tea infuser can totally help you get warm and healthy!

24. A water infuser to add your own flavors.

Chances are you’re not drinking as much water as you should be, so try infusing some fruit into it to make it more enticing.

Fruit-infused water tastes so much better!

25. Cookie Dough, because who doesn’t love baking fresh cookies?!

We all know there’s nothing than warm, fresh-baked holiday cookies.


Cookies taste so much better during the holiday season. 

26. Taco Kits for the ultimate Taco Tuesdays.

Taco nights are great for friends and family and require little clean-up. Not to mention, they taste bomb.

Viva el taco!

27. Popcorn!

Snack time or movie time, there’s always a reason to curl up and eat popcorn.

There's always an excuse to eat popcorn. 


28. iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2 is bound to light up the room for everyone who wants to play games, FaceTime one another, and iMessage all day long.This iPad is perfect for staying in touch with loved ones.


29. The latest and greatest, iPhone 7.

Don’t act like there’s not a small part of you that wants it.

This iPhone 7 is perfect for staying in touch with loved ones.

30. FitBit for the workout fanatic.

Keeping track of things like your daily steps and heart rate can increase your awareness and therefore overall health!

A FitBit will help you keep track of your fitness goals.


Are you adding any of these cool gifts on Amazon to your wish list? Let us know in the comments!

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