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50 Gifts For Men Under $50

50 Gifts For Men Under $50

Having a hard time finding the right gifts for men? Fortunately, we've come up with 50 fun gift ideas for the men in your life, perfect for any occasion!

Are you having a hard time finding the perfect gifts for men? People think that buying gifts for women is hard because they’re “so picky.” Well I disagree. The only time when I find myself incredibly stumped during my holiday shopping adventures is when I take on the task of finding gifts for men. My brother, my father, my boyfriend – they all leave me scratching my head. So this year I took it upon myself to do some gift digging a little early…and I think I’ve come up with a pretty decent selection. Here are 50 gifts for men under 50 dollars… all types of men…Not bad.

For the Comedian

You know the one – the, “I can’t take you anywhere” guy. You can’t get him any of the more typical gifts for men, no, that would be too normal. You’ve got to go the clever route with him, something that will have him giggling, and not the other way around. A comical book or something like these funny party games will do.

Books He Will Get A Kick Out Of

Something as silly as a book related to poo will be sure to make him laugh even if it makes you cringe.



Hilarious (And Slightly Inappropriate) Games

These games would be fun to play with each other or at party. Eithter way, the party don’t start till he walks in with one of these!


For the Guy Who Can’t Cook (Or Just Doesn’t Feel Like Trying)

We all have that one guy in our life who’s cooking skills have never surpassed making a PB&J. Luckily for him, there are some easy to use one-step products out there to get him to level two of cooking basics. You can’t go wrong with a 45 second omelet maker…or a grilled cheese device that makes it impossible to fu*k up.

Easy to Use Products

Okay, it can’t get much easier than a grilled cheese maker with no margin for error, or a simlpe omelet maker that takes less than a minute. Easy-to-use kitchen supplies are always great gifts for men under 50 dollars!


45 Second Omelet Maker

Grilled Cheese Maker    



Cookbooks For Beginners

A cookbook that teaches him how to navigate through the cooking world might be a good idea. Just make sure to start with the basics.


For the Fitness Buff

For the guy who never skips a workout session. Whether he’s addicted to CrossFit, a seasoned runner, or even a total newb at the gym, he will enjoy a gift that speaks to his true passion.



A new pair of sneakers is an amazing gift for any guy who loves fitness. Do a little snooping to find his size and the type of shoes he typically wears! Make sure to select a pair that fits the type of workout he’s most into.

50 Gifts For Men Under $50  50 Gifts For Men Under $50

A great workout tee

Get him a high quality workout tee or tank top for intense workouts! Make sure you choose one that will absorb moisture.


50 Gifts For Men Under $50  50 Gifts For Men Under $50

For the Adventurer

For the fella that’s always on the go, constantly figuring out what his next big trip will be. Gifts for men under 50 dollars who like to travel are pretty easy to figure out – stick to anything that might come in handy while exploring, like this cozy hammock, or something he’ll be glad he packed like a simple wash kit to keep him feeling fresh and clean.


Things to Pack

Who wouldn’t like a portable hammock? And he’ll also never know when he might need to iron a shirt for a last minute event. These gifts are great for packing in your bag for any trip you go on.

A Portable Hammock                       A Compact Travel Iron



A Weekender Wash Kit                       A Pocket Speaker



For Some Light Reading Or Writing

If he daydreams about traveling all day or actually gets to head out on an excursion, make sure hes got his travel journal packed so you can read all about it when he gets back. A travel ticket stub diary isn’t a bad idea either-finally something to organize all those stubs in!




And of course, he’ll need a fresh new pair of shades for when he’s relaxing outdoors in his hammock while writing in his journal. Hook your guy up with a pair of shades from 39 Dollar Glasses, which specialize in prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses! Not to mention, every pair is totally customizable!


For the Beer Lover

Beer people are also easy to buy for, especially since the explosion of the craft brewing scene. There are tons of games, accessories and gadgets that revolve around your guy’s favorite drink. Consider something fun like, Beeropoly, or something that gives him a way to show off his boozy passion, like a beer cap display. Anything beer related will always make great gifts for men under 50 dollars.

For Having Some Fun With His Beer

Let’s let these pictures do the talking.


Beeropoly Game                                                        Mini Beer Flip Cup Game


For Opening His Beer

What beer drinker wouldnt love a bottle opener that’s attached to his glass? Killing two birds with one stone.

Beer Drinking Contest Wall Mount                        Beer Glass Bottle Opener



For Keeping His Beer Chilled

No one likes warm beer. Make sure he’s equipped with one of these nifty gadgets to ensure his beer is always ice cold.

Six pack Beer Cooler                                                             Beer Chiller



For Some Liquid Education

If he’s truly a beer lover, he will love to read up on it. Try giving him a book all about beer or a poster to gaze at until 5′ O clock finally hits.

Beer Information Book                                         Beer  Diagram Poster



For Some Interior Decoration

These are not onyl great for interior decorating his man cave or his bar, they are also great for collecting his favorite bottle caps from unique beers!

Beer Bottle Cap Wall Designs



For the One Who Prefers the Hard Stuff

You could always go the route of gifting a really nice bottle of their favorite alcohol, but c’mon, we know you can do better than that. Opt for something a bit more unique, like these scotch infused toothpicks, or even a DIY kit for them to make their own liquid courage.


To Keep His Liquor Chilled

Take your basic ice cubes to the next level with cubes (or stones) that would dilute your drink. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Cocktail Infused Ice Cubes                                    On The Rocks Set


Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones


A DIY Liquor Kit

Some guys want the freedom to make their own liquor. And this way they won’t have to make a run to nearest packie to buy some.

Absinthe Maker Kit                                            Spicy Cinnamon Whiskey Infusion Kit


Shot Glass Sets

Get him some unique shot glass sets so he can show off to all his friends next time he invites them over for some drinks.


Lab Cocktail Set                                                      Skull And Shot Glass Set


For the Sports Addict

Number one idea for gifts for men who love sports? Tickets to watch their favorite team play, obviously. But if those are a little bit out of your price range (which unfortunately, they probably are), search for something he can use that either represents his favorite team, or lets him enjoy the sport he loves in an unexpected way.

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Personalized Sports Team Household Items

There’s no better gift than a personalized useful item with your favorite sports team on it. Grill up those burgers and have a Bruins symbol on it for your next party-your friends will definitly be impressed.

An NHL Spatula                                              An NFL Pint Glass and Coaster Set

nhl-sports-team-spatula   nfl-pint-and-coasters-set


An MLB Electric Wine Opener                               An NBA Travel Mug


Sports Mugs

These cute mugs are great for the inner man-child in any guy. Bring them back to their glory days as a kid while they sip their coffee or eat their cereal.





For The Self-Proclaimed Grill Master

There’s always one in the group. He owns the grill, he runs the grill, he doesn’t let anybody touch the grill. You can find him with a 6-pack of burger patties in one hand and a pack of buns in the other-at all times.


For Stepping Up His Kabob Game

Who has time for basic skewers on the grill? Definitely not the grill master. Take his skills to the next level with these grilling tools.


Kabob Grilling Baskets                               An Easy Flip Kabob Set


The Perfect Apron

Every griller needs an apron that makes a statement. It’s like..a known thing. Make sure he has one that suits his personality before his next gathering. Must-have gifts for men under 50 dollars if they love to grill!


Grilling Sergeant Apron                               Personalized “Grillmaster” Apron


For The Techie

Some guys just love technology and getting their hands on new devices and tools they can play with. If this is your guy, try spicing up his tech collection with some fun gadgets he can use on the reg that are a step above average.


Gadgets And Gizmos 

A Star Wars battery charger? Yes, please. Or a brand new tablet could also definitely be what he needs. Maybe some super cool speakers to bump jams or even a virtual reality set? You can’t go wrong here. Techie gifts always make good gifts for men under 50 dollars!

A Light Saber Battery Pack                                        A Lenovo Tablet



Aura Water Show Speaker Set                             Virtual Reality Headset



A Classic Pac-Man Arcade Game


Have any other great gifts for men under 50 dollars that should be on this list? Share in the comments!

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