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30 Last Minute Gifts You Can Prime In Time For The Holidays

30 Last Minute Gifts You Can Prime In Time For The Holidays

Forget a gift? No time to shop this year? Have no fear, this list of 30 last minute gifts you can prime in time for the holidays has you covered!

Scenario: there’s one week until Christmas, you’e done zero shopping and now you need some Christmas gift ideas at the last minute. I know, the holidays have a tricky way of sneaking up on us and before we know it, December 25th is here. If this sounds all too familiar to you, then you’ve probably gotten pretty good at last minute holiday shopping – I know I have. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 30 last minute gifts (that can be shipped directly to your door in 2 days – thanks Amazon Prime) for just about everyone on your list. Below are some last minute gift ideas for every person in your life!

1. For your bestie.

Let her know she’s your BFF with a matching set of phone cases – one for her and one for you (so yes, this might be a gift for yourself as well). Or you could give her something you know she’ll get a kick out of, like a chic flask that’ll give her a chuckle.



2. For your buddy.

For a little less of a girly twist on last minute gifts for the best friend, consider going a more playful route. Any sort of game is a good option, like this “drunk or dare” game, or a hilarious and accurate coffee mug.


3. For your girlfriend.

Why not show your girlfriend how much you really appreciate her with one of these award winning gifts. She’ll be sure to get a kick out of them.



4. For your boyfriend.

A fill in the blank book about why you think he’s so hot is enough to stroke his ego for weeks, if not months. If he’s into fitness (or trying to be healthier), support his goals with a fitness tracker, like this affordable one.


5. For your sister.

Girls can never have too much makeup or jewelry, which means gifting them is never a bad idea. When it comes to makeup, go for a variety kit so she can try a few new products. Jewelry is a bit harder, but she’s your sister, you probably know her style better than anyone! If you get her something like a bunch of stackable rings, she’ll have options to choose from (which lowers your chances of picking something she doesn’t like).



6. For your brother.

When it comes to last minute gifts for brothers, I always stick to entertainment. If he’s old enough to drink, try something like this cool beer cap map. If he’s a bit younger (or you don’t want to go the drinking route), how about something like this slightly sarcastic t-shirt.


7. For your mom.

Moms are easy because you know they will absolutely love anything you get them. Give a little personal spin on her gift and get her a set of coasters that are designed with a map of the city you live in. Or give her something nice for her kitchen, like this set of measuring cups that stack together in the shape of a mason jar – adorbs!



8. For your dad.

Can you really go wrong with a beer related gift when it comes to dad? This self-chilling glass is perfect for any father who enjoys a cold brew from time to time. And this magnetic bottle opener is so convenient, even if dad isn’t a beer drinker, he can use this bad boy on soda bottles too.


9. For the grandparents.

Again, grandparents will appreciate literally anything you get them, so don’t fret too much. Something like a pillow representing the place you live, or even their hometown is cute and meaningful. A serving tray decked out with pictures of you and the fam is also a great choice.



10. For the extended family member.

Keep it simple. An extra comfy throw blanket or a tea sampler are perfect.


11. For your coworker.

Because you work with them, you know more than anyone that these gifts are exactly what they need. A planner to stay organized for the year ahead, or a trendy note set to keep their desk looking on point – you can’t go wrong here.


12. For your roomie.

By getting her a cute print for her dorm room wall, you’re kind of doing yourself a favor too (because her dorm room is your dorm room, duh). If your room is already decked out to a t, how about an empowering book…that maybe she’ll let you borrow when she’s done.


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13. For the white elephant party.

Fun and funny are the two themes you want to stick to when it comes to white elephant parties – last minute or not. Drinking Jenga and Poopouri are great examples of both.


14. For the random person who got you a gift (and you have no idea why.)

There’s always that one person that for whatever reason decided to get you a gift and now you feel obligated to get them one too. I like to go the “clever” route with these ones. A nifty pizza slicer or a a mug that changes color with different temps – love it.



15. For the one who you have no idea what to buy.

Just stick to something that you know people are always losing and always replacing. The two things that immediately come to my mind – travel mugs and headphones.


What are some other last minute gifts you can prime just in time for the holidays? Share in the comments!




These are the best last minute gifts that you can do in time for the holidays!

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