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30 Secret Santa Gifts College Students Actually Want

30 Secret Santa Gifts College Students Actually Want

Secret Santa gift ideas can be hard to think of. Whether you're looking for funny secret Santa gifts or cute gifts, these are the best ones!

Sometimes finding secret Santa gifts is harder than it actually sounds. For most of us, secret Santa has always been a popular part of Christmas for any age group. But it seems to be most popular among college students who are living on a budget and can really only afford one gift for the people they live with. Finding gifts college students want isn’t always the easiest. So below are 30 fun things college students actually want from their secret Santa, happy shopping!

1. The most appropriate wine glasses for college students.


2. A cute travel accessory

A cute travel accessory like a luggage tag or a passport cover are both cute and useful gifts. We NEVER think of putting a tag on our suitcase but a colorful and funny luggage tag makes it so much easier to spot your bag after a flight!



3. Must Have Herbal Tea

As constantly tired, sick and unmotivated college students, sometimes we need a little boost. These awesome herbal teas will give you just what you need whether its sleep or energy!




4. A Trendy Water Bottle

Keeps water ice cold for 24 hours. Perfect for those hungover mornings or for taking with you to class all day! The gift of hydration will always make great gifts for college students!

5. Some Essential Information For Any College Student.

Everything you need to know about what they never taught you in school. Like..real life stuff.


6. Funny To-Do Lists

To give us a break from the ones we stare at day after day.


7. A Siracha Water Bottle

Everyone has that one friend that puts hot sauce on literally ev-er-y-thing. If that’s your friend, there’s no better gift idea than this water bottle.

8. A USB Desktop Fan

This mini fan is perfect for a college students desk. You can air out that stanky sock smell from your dorm and comes complete with a USB output for laptops, phones, etc!


9. A Travel Mug

Who has time for an ordinary travel mug anyway?



10. A Travel Fund

Does your gift recipient have a case of wanderlust? If so this might be the perfect piggy bank for them. After all, every penny counts!


11. A Taco Stand

Everyone knows the importance of Taco Tuesday. And everyone who participates knows how (even though they taste delicious), they are truly a bitch to try and keep together as you’re eating them. No one has time for lettuce flying everywhere and beef constantly slipping out the sides. Get your taco lovin’ gift recipient a taco holder!

12. Ironic Coloring Books

Maybe coloring in swear words will make us less likely to say them when we see our test scores?



13. A Funny Mug For The Rebel

We need somewhere to put our tea and/or coffee so making that place cute makes it even better. With so many mugs to choose from, these top the list for secret Santa gifts.


14.  Light Up Unicorn Slippers

Fuzzy socks+slippers=even better days. And it doesn’t get any better than slippers that light up.



15. A Cute Bangle Bracelet….I Mean..Flask

These are so trending right now. What’s better than a cute rose gold bangle to accompany the rest of your outfit? Ummm…a bangle that doubles as a flask! I’ll take two please! Honestly, anything that holds liquor always makes the best christmas gifts for college students.

16. Some Face Masks

Always a hit in dorms and on faces. These make the most refreshing secret Santa gifts for anyone who needs a good spa day!


17. Fun Throw Pillows

Every college kid loves throw pillows to add to their bed! Go for a pillow that represents their personality.




18. Bluetooth Shower Wireless Speaker

For those times we need some Shakira to survive yet another shower with flip flops on.



19. A Really Good Book

Sometimes a little relaxing and reading helps make a tough week a little easier to handle. Books are always great secret Santa gifts since the possibilities are endless!

20. Compliment Pencils

Who doesn’t want to use a pencil that tells them how smart, cool, funny and beautiful they are? These are the perfect dose of motivation for any struggling college student.



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21. An 8-in-1 Kitchen Set.

Let’s face it, dorms and small apartments have no extra room for all sorts of kitchen utensils, measuring cups, pots and pants, etc. This nifty device comes with a funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator and measuring cup.


22. An Obscure Board Game

Cards Against Humanity is fun, but sometimes we need to switch it up.

23. A Funny Pancake Pan

Along with that bacon, you’re going to need some pancakes. But no – not ordinary pancakes – PIG pancakes! Doesn’t get any cuter than that.


24. A Compact Mirror/ Portable Charger

Yes, this cute little compact mirror doubles as a portable charger for your phone. Honestly, what more could you need?



25. Healthy Snacks Care Package

Cheetos aren’t always going to cut it.



26. A Guided Journal

It makes it a little easier to record important events we may come across while walking to the cafeteria.

27. A Pretty Accurate Shirt

It will make us and those around us laugh a little more.


28. A Mug For The Photographer

You might get weird looks from people until they actually realize this is a mug and not a camera…


29. A Coin Bank

Putting your spare change away can help you save, and savings are definitely something we college students need.

30. Dorm Room Decoration

To spice up those boring beige walls. A cute tapestry will do wonders for anyone!


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Do you have any other secret Santa gifts that would be perfect for college students? Share in the comments below!