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88 Gifts For Her Under $50

88 Gifts For Her Under $50

Whether "her" is your girlfriend, your sister, your mom or your BFF, we've rounded up some suggestions of gifts for her that are all under $50.

It’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts and for many of us that means we must begin the hunt for those perfect gifts for her. Whether “her” is your girlfriend, your sister, your mom or your BFF, we’ve rounded up some suggestions of gifts for her under $50. That way you have some cash leftover to buy the rest of the people on your holiday shopping list a few well deserved gifts too!

For the Fashion Lover

At first you think the fashion lover is easy to buy for because obviously you are going to get them clothes. But then you start to think about it- what if the item you get them isn’t “fashionable” enough? What if you aren’t fashionable enough? Relax. Skip the clothes and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Maybe a jewelry holder so they can organize their massive amounts of jewelry? Or a purse that relates to their interests? And you definitely can’t go wrong with a cute phone case.

A Cool Jewelry Holder




A Unique Handbag


A Quirky Phone Case



For The Fitness Chicks

Wellness trackers and planners are great gifts for girls who are starting out on their fitness trek-they make a great gift for the new year. Recipe books are also good options for these kinds of women as they are probably constantly on the hunt for tasty, healthy recipes. Water bottles and other cute gym gear make for awesome gifts too.

Fitness Gear

Athleisure wear is super trendy so why not get a cute pair of leggings or a crop top you can wear at the gym and at brunch.




Gym Gear

A fancy water bottle, a nifty towel or dry grip yoga mat… so many ideas for the fitness buff.



For the Healthy Eater



For The One Obsessed with Anything Hair, Skin and Makeup

This one goes without saying. You’re guaranteed to find something that suits her needs in this category whether she loves playing with makeup, likes to treat her skin like royalty or puts more effort into her hair than schoolwork. Any of these gifts for her under $50 are bound to make her feel like a queen.

Her hair and makeup are perfect!

For Her Hair

An On-The-Go Flat Iron                                        A Hair treatment 


Super Cute Comb

For Her Skin

Complexion Perfection Kit                           Dr. Jart+ Face Masks


Fresh and Tarte Skincare Sets


Makeup Gift Sets

NYX Matte Lipcream Set                           Sephora Lip Sampler




Sephora Mascara Sampler                    Coastal Scents Glamour Beauty Collection Gift Set



For the Foodie

If she’s into cooking and food, finding a gift for her should be relatively easy. If she’s constantly in the kitchen, working on the latest and greatest recipe to perfect; my go-to gifts for her under $50 are kitchen tools and quirky recipe books. There are so many fun and unique options out there; search for something that highlights her personality.

A Fun Cookbook







For the Travel Obsessed

This gal is always on the move, and when she’s not on the move, she’s busy planning her next big adventure. Maps that track her treks, or gadgets that come in handy while traveling (like a mini portable AC unit) are great options. The ones who love to travel usually love photography (or at least sharing the pictures they accumulate over their journeys) so if you get really stuck, something along these lines related is always a good idea.

This ocean looks so relaxing and beautiful!   Iceland looks like such a fun place to visit!

Things to Pack

                 A Cocktail Kit                          Portable Espresso Machine


Instant Coffee Cubes                                 Stackable Lunch Pot


An Interactive Map To Document Your Travels


A Travel Journal




For the Entertainer

You know, those girls who just love having people over, who are constantly asking who needs their drink refilled, who always have the cutest decor set up around their apartment. This type is the most fun to buy gifts for, in my opinion, because they can find a use for literally anything you could ever think to give. I like to search for items that help with entertaining, like glassware or speakers, that come in trendy forms. That way, if they love it; perfect, they can use it all the time. But if they don’t, well, I’m sure they will be able to use that pineapple tumblr for at least one summer get together.

Interior Knicknacks And Decorations

A Coaster Set                                                        An LED Light up Box



A Coffee Table Book                                             String Lights

See Also



Cute Speaker Sets



Trendy Glassware and Tumblrs



For the DIY-er

These gifts for her under $50 are for the girl that would rather spend hours creating her own lip balm than buying one at the store. She loves projects and fun hands-on activities. She’s all about crafting and it only makes sense that the types of gifts for her revolve around just that.

DIY Kits

Make Your Own Lip Balm                                  Make Your Own Hot Sauce



Make Your Own Dreamcatcher                        Make Your Own Perfume


For the Booze Hound

Drink up, buttercup. For those ladies who love their alcohol, you know you can always resort to a nice bottle of wine (or drink of choice). But if you want to go a more unique route, try something that accessorizes her drinking habits – like a cute bottle opener or cute tumblers that need no bartending experience…and you definitely can’t forget a classic shot glass.


This alcohol sign is so cute!

Bottle Openers and Stoppers



A cute cushion



The Perfect Drinking Glasses



Shot Glasses



For the Girl Who Has Everything

Random Gifts She’ll Love

Ah, yes, the category you’ve been looking for if you’ve been through this whole list and are still stumped. Here are some cute, unique and mostly random gifts for the girl who already has everything that you’re looking to surprise. Hopefully these quirky gifts for her will bring a huge smile to her face!


A Ticket Stub Diary                                             A Camera Lense Mug


An Inflatable Pizza Snow Tube                      Cats of Instagram Book



A Smiling Toast Pillow                                   Light Up Unicorn Slippers




If you're having trouble coming up with gift ideas, here are 100 gifts for under 50 bucks!

Have you found any other gifts for her under $50 that you think would be perfect for this list? Share in the comments!

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