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Halloween Decorations To Liven Up Your Dorm This Season

Halloween Decorations To Liven Up Your Dorm This Season

With the wonderful season of Fall fast approaching, the topic of Halloween comes up very often. Halloween is probably the only time throughout the entire year where your creativity is put on full display for everyone to see. Whether you are a fan of pop culture, movies, music, superheroes, celebrities, or anything else, there is always something for everyone during Halloween. Picking out decorations for this exciting season can definitely be challenging, as there are an infinite amount of options to choose from. You are in luck, as I will show you the best Halloween decorations to liven up your college dorm this season!

Spider Invasion

Spiders are one of the most frightening little creatures on the planet, causing countless people to jump out of fright by merely seeing them. Nothing shows more Halloween Spirit than getting your friends scared out of their pants without them knowing! Getting a spider invasion decoration for your dorm wall will not only be intuitive but will allow you to catch your friends scream at first sight! Keep in mind, some people may be pissed off at you because of how good this decoration is. Bonus points for gauging their initial reactions to the spider invasion decoration!

Halloween Decorations To Liven Up Your Dorm This Season


Custom Lettered Pumpkins

Getting pumpkins that say certain words is going to be such an appealing sight to see during Halloween. One of the more common words the pumpkins say is “Boo”, as it is short and easily understandable. This is one of the more cute Halloween decorations, and people will definitely compliment you on your creativity. You can easily make these customized pumpkins yourself and can change them up however you see fit. Ideally, you would want a white pumpkin with darker styled letters, as it is much easier to read if the room is dark. You can place them on separate candle holders, or on the ground of your dorm room, whichever you choose!

Flying Bats

You know what is even more frightening than spiders? You guessed it right, Bats! Bats are notorious for being some of the creepiest animals out there, and no better time to put that to the test than during the exciting and scary holiday of Halloween! The idea is to make it seem like a horde of flying bats in the sky (your dorm walls being the sky in this scenario). Good thing the decoration is quite simple and cheap to make.

To make this beautiful decoration, you will need to make a bat template (can be very simple or complex depending on your art skills) on a black sheet of construction paper. From there, you can add any design you like; if you want the bats to be pretty, or give them more detail, all the power to you! Similar to the spiders, people might be scared after seeing the bats for the first time, but they will grow to appreciate and compliment your imagination!


Halloween Decorations To Liven Up Your Dorm This Season

Zombie Hand Decoration

I will warn you and say that this decoration is not for everybody. If you are fine with genuinely freaking out your guests often, then the zombie hand decoration is honestly a no brainer. It was made specifically for an occasion such as Halloween and shows how creative you can get when it comes to your dorm decorations. The idea is that a zombie hand will be going through a “door” (which is made to resemble zombie TV shows where they block areas with wooden planks; like seen below).

The decoration will take some time to make, but it is not difficult and will be extremely worthwhile. You will need a paper mache fake hand, an unfinished wood picture frame, some black acrylic paint, a glue gun, wood stain, craft nails, and wooden door shims. Now you have all you need to make this extremely awesome decoration for your college dorm! After being scared off their socks, visitors will praise your creativity, and give you compliments the entire night!


Halloween Decorations To Liven Up Your Dorm This Season

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Hanging Witch Hats

Witches are one of the most iconic parts of Halloween, as they bring so much “Boo” to the table. From Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts to the Wicked Witch, to even Narnia, witches have always been seen as scary, weird, and some of the best things to dress up as for Halloween.

Witch decorations are no different here. The good thing is this decoration is extremely easy to make, as all you need are some witch hats (very cheap in stores), and some string, to hang from your dorm ceiling. You might want to add a witch broom as well to rest on the wall, adding to the effect. It shows how much you love the great holiday of Halloween, and will be a great topic of discussion among you and your friends throughout the night (whenever they visit). People will love the decoration, and it will look like you have some guests that are witches, which is great!

Pumpkin Lanterns (Jack-O-Lantern)

Your Halloween decorations simply cannot be complete without you getting some pumpkin lanterns! They are innovative, stylish, cheap, and extremely easy to make! Pumpkins are the most popular Halloween fruit, and using them as lanterns has been a tradition for as long as history goes!

You have plenty of options here, as you can either use paper to create pumpkin-like lanterns, or you can go the extra mile and actually carve a real pumpkin yourself! Either route you take is perfectly fine, as the end result will look fabulous none the less. After making the lanterns, you can hang it up near your dorm windows, at the entrance of your dorm, or anywhere else throughout your dorm really. The choice is yours, and will look great no matter where you put it!

Halloween Decorations To Liven Up Your Dorm This Season

Those are our favorite Halloween decorations to liven up your college dorm this season! Let us know in the comments who you are dressing up for Halloween this year, and which decorations you are going to pick out for your dorm!

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