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30 Fitness Gifts That Are Actually Useful

30 Fitness Gifts That Are Actually Useful

From avid marathon runners to cross fit aficionados to gluten free-dairy free-lactose free-enthusiasts; if you’ve got a health and fitness buff in your life, you could probably use a little help finding them the perfect fitness gifts (especially if the thought of visiting a gym sends shivers down your spine). Here are 30 fitness gifts that are actually useful for the fitness buffs in your life.

Gifts For the Runner


1. A S’well water bottle that will stand out.

Give them a unique water bottle that they can take everywhere! S’well water bottles will keep your water cold for 24 hours and warm coffee for 12 hours.


2. A sports bra with a phone pocket.

Why use a standard sports bra when you can get one that will keep your phone safe for you!

Cute sports bra with an extra function.

3. Colorful running socks.

Get rid of your old black and white running socks and upgrade to some colorful ones!

colorful running socks

 cute running socks

4. Colorful headbands!

A good headband is always needed. Fortunately, there are hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from.

unique headbands

5. Awesome sneakers

A new pair of sneakers is the ultimate gift for a runner! Just make sure you check their size and the type of shoes they like.

Gifts For the Yogi

6. An anything but standard Yoga Mat.

Who wants a plain blue yoga mat like the one from your gym? Choose from tons of patterns like the one below.

Cute yoga mat funny yoga mat

7. A patterned yoga mat sling.

If you have a colorful yoga mat, you should also spice up how you carry it.


8. A good sports bra

A high quality sports bra is a great gift because it can be a bit of a splurge. We all own a bunch of cheap sports bra which can usually do the job for quick gym sessions but won’t hold up during an intense yoga class.


9. A tea infuser with personality.

If they enjoy a cup of tea after a long yoga session, this funny tea infuser is sure to win them over.


10. Yoga blocks to steady their pose.

Perfect for beginners and pros to really hold out that pose.



For the Muscle Man (or Woman)

11. Protein treats for before and after their workout.

Forget the standard whey potein, give this protein granola and these protein cookies a try to indulge without guilt after a workout.


12. A massage gift certificate for their own spa day.

What better gift than a massage gift certificate? They’ll be able to treat themselves to the spa day of their dreams.

spa day

13. New workout clothes!

They can never have too many workout clothes! Give them some that are both stylish and comfortable.

14. A foam roller for their post workout stretch.

Rollers are perfect to stretch out and help relax the muscles after a tough workout.

15. Stylish headphones!

No matter how many pairs of headphones they have, they should always have a pair dedicated for their workout.

stylish headphones

For the Health Nut

16. Nature Box Subscription!

Nature box is a subscription service that delivers healthy snacks right to their door! You can also get an exclusive discount on Nature Box by using the code SOCIETY19NBX you will get $15 Off Orders of $20.  This offer is good for new customers only.

17. Smoothie Recipe Book

If they’re tiring from the same old smoothie, be sure to gift this book! They’ll never have a boring smoothie after their workout again.

18. Burt’s Bees Kit

A tough workout can take its tole, gift this kit that will help rejuvinate damaged skin.


19. Single Pop Maker for easy treats.

This is perfect for those who like to reward themselves after a workout. It’s easy to use, and you can make any flavor pop you want.



20. Vegan Cupcake Delivery, so they’ll always have a treat to come home to.

Who says vegans can’t have great desserts? This cupcake company delivers some of the best vegan cupcakes right to your door! What’s better than getting delicious gifts delivered?


For the Gym Bunny

21. A subscription to Fabfitfun.

*Okay, so this one is $49.99, BUT, it’s such a cool gift, I had to include it! And hey, if you and a friend or a sibling wanted to go halvesies on this gift – it would only be $25 each 😉

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Pro Tip: Get $10 off your first FabFitFun box with Code SRT10


22. A new gym bag.

Have you noticed they’ve been using the same gym bag for years, give them a stylish upgrade!

Awesome gray gym bag

23. Comfy underwear is a must have.


24. A jump rope that will last.

Everyone needs a good jump rope. Give them one that will last forever.

25. Graphic tee’s are always a good choice.

Who would say no to this funny tee?


For the Fitness Newbie

26. Quality leggings for every workout.

No matter the work out, leggings that will hold up, yet are comfortable, are a must have.



27. Workout videos for motivation and convenience.

workout videos are great for when they’re too busy to make it to the gym and want to try something new.


28. Yoga kit for beginners!

Are they just starting out? This kit is one of the best gifts if they want to get into yoga.

Awesome yoga kit for beginners.

29. A Bulu Box subscription.

Another subscription service that delivers a monthly box filled with different fitness goodies!


30. Inspirational posters!

Who doesn’t need a little extra inspiration now and then? These posters will do the job!


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