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10 Things To Do Before Your First Year At Virginia Tech

10 Things To Do Before Your First Year At Virginia Tech

So, you’ve submitted your deposit for Virginia Tech. You’re excited for something new, but you’re also nervous for the fresh start, and a bit confused. Where do I go from here? Here are 10 things you have to do before starting your freshman year at VT.

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1. Get pumped!

Virginia Tech is known for its strong sense of community. You’re part of a diverse, intelligent, and caring community that is dedicated to service. There are hundreds of clubs for you to join, and a bunch of dining halls to try. Rest assured that these next four years are going to be great.


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2. Take a peek at the Hokie Bucket List.

That’s right, there’s an official Virginia Tech Bucket List. If you ever find yourself bored on campus (highly unlikely), take a look at the 72 things you MUST do while you’re surrounded by Hokie Stone.

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3. Visit the campus.

If you live close enough (or if you’re willing to make the trek), stop by campus! Familiarize yourself with everything before you set foot on the Drillfield as a student.

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4. Sign up for orientation.

Even if you’ve been going to Hokie games since you were little, or have been on campus before, you have to go to orientation. This is where you can register for classes, meet new people, and get a free VT tee.


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5. Look for a roommate.

I personally chose to do random selection, but if you want to remove the element of surprise from your living arrangements, look for a roommate! On Virginia Tech’s Class of 2020 (unofficial) Facebook page, people are constantly posting their bios, including what their hobbies are and if they’re “a neat freak” or they “prefer to keep things relatively clean.” This way, you can find a compatible match for you.

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6. Plan your dorm room.

Before you lug all your things down to Blacksburg, think about what you want your dorm to look like. Your full-size mirror looks great in your room now, but what about that tapestry you’ve been dying to buy? If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to decorate your room. This is your chance to make your living space completely your own, while staying within safety regulations, of course.

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7. Make a checklist.

Your dorm room is only so big. You can’t bring everything you have, but you can’t forget anything you need. To make sure you’re covered, research some dorm essentials lists on Pinterest.

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8. Buy some merch.

What they say is true; orange and maroon look good on everyone. Pick up a tee for those relaxing summer nights, or some sweatpants for the chilly winter days. Okay,maybe get three of each just to be safe.


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9. Spend some time with the people you care about.

Especially if you’ll be coming from more than a casual car ride away to attend VT this fall, enjoy where you are right now while you still can. Once you’ve experienced Blacksburg, you’ll never look at your city the same way. Spend a day exploring a part of town you’ve never been to, or by hitting up a local hot spot with your friends.

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10. Breathe.

You’ve gone through four long years of high school education, all for this moment. You’re college bound; treat yourself! Have a spa night, Netflix and chill with yourself, snuggle up with a good book, and just relax.

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Have any more suggestions for students entering Virginia Tech? Comment below!

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