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5 Things That Will Improve Your Freshman Experience

5 Things That Will Improve Your Freshman Experience

Are you a freshman in college? It can be scary out there, but check out these 5 things that will definitely improve your freshman experience!

So you finally made it to college (congratulations!), but like many of your fellow peers, you may be wondering, “Now what?” You might feel pressured to have the college experience that is often portrayed in movies and television, but college is rarely that crazy. Overall, only you – with the help of these 5 things – have the power to create your own epic freshman experience!

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1. Join clubs.

I know that this is probably advice you’ve heard a thousand times before, but that can only mean that there is actually something to it. Clubs allow you to meet people who have similar interests, and ultimately can lead to the formation of some pretty great friendships.

2. Stock up on food at the dining hall.

The dining hall may be a wreck from 11-1:30, but it’s always good to save your points, and future you will be happy to have a midnight snack!

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3. Exercise.

College is a place to enrich your mind, but don’t forget about your body! Whether you join a sports team, work out at the gym, attend a fitness class, or just exercise on your own, being active is very important. (And your freshman experience will definitely be improved by combating the Freshmen 15.)

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4. Stay on top of your work.

No. Seriously. Nothing is worse than when you are weeks behind in your reading and you have to cram everything into one weekend. Especially when your friends are out having a good time!

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5. Get enough rest.

Sleep is vital to getting good grades and your overall health. Naps are definitely helpful, but they can’t replace a good night’s sleep. Keep track of time at night, especially when binge-watching your favorite Netflix series, because it would totally be embarrassing to fall asleep in class the next day.

What are some tips you were given that improved your freshman experience? Tell us down below!
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