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5 Reasons Why I Picked Virginia Tech

5 Reasons Why I Picked Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is a uniquely popular school. Here are 5 reasons why I decided to go to Virginia Tech. VT has several opportunities not to pass up. Go Hokies!

Virginia Tech is one of the best public-land grant universities in the nation and in my opinion, the greatest in the entire state of Virginia. Here are just five reasons out of many why I love to call beautiful small-town Blacksburg, my home. A degree from Virginia Tech is worth these things and so much more. #thisishome Here are 5 reasons why I picked Virginia Tech.

1. UT Prosim.

I loved community service while I was in high school and going to a college where their school motto is “that I may serve” cannot fit this campus any better. From raising half a million dollars for cancer research to annually giving back to the Blacksburg community during big event, Hokies embrace daily service to others as a way of life rather than a moral obligation. 

2. Hokie football.

There is nothing better than jumping along to Enter Sandman and doing the Hokie Pokie at halftime. The Hokie fan-base is electric and to experience a Hokie football game is an unforgettable experience. 


3. Exceptional staff.

I have not had a professor so far that I have disliked. Every single professor on this campus is here not just to get paid but because they too truly believe in your education and your future. Every single one of my teachers have had various resources to the class to make sure we’re learning at the highest caliber as well as are doing well.

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4. Delicious dining.

Who else can say that they can get lobster, tender steak, cannolis, chicken parm and hibachi? Not to mention it’s all on campus.


5. A diverse, accepting student body.

With such a diverse student body there is not a one fits all Hokie. Want to join Greek life? Want to join the neuroscience club? How about the Pakistani Student Alliance? Just wanna join the chocolate milk or lettuce club? With such a wide range of people from various different backgrounds, you’ll always find a place to fit in inside this large Hokie family. 

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