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20 Etsy Products to Show Your Kent State Pride

20 Etsy Products to Show Your Kent State Pride

So, you want to show your love for Kent State, but all of the items in the bookstore aren’t doing it for you? Look no further than this list of 20 Etsy products that are unique, yet exude that timeless Kent State pride. Happy online shopping, Golden Flashes.


1. Pantone Print Poster

Fashion majors- this one is for you.


2. Peace, Love, and Black Squirrels Tee

Preaching the essentials on a tee-shirt.


3. Blue and Gold Nail Polish Top Coat

It’s like Essie nail polish, but better.



4. Kent Charm Bracelet

Mark Kent State on the map, and wear it on your wrist.

5. College Town Print

Every word you could ever associate with Kent State in one picture.


6. Kent Coozie

Because if Kent State taught you one thing…


7. Coordinate Bracelet

Quick tip- Kent State’s coordinates are 41.1491° N, 81.3415° W

8. In a Flash Tote

Every college student needs a tote bag. Why not show your Golden Flash pride with it?


9. Fight Song Print

Commemorate football season with this print of the Kent State Fight Song.


10. Vintage Sweatshirt

Hurry up, thrifters- there’s only one of these bad boys left.

11. Black Squirrel Decal

Put this decal anywhere; your car, laptop, window, water bottle, dorm room door- because black squirrels are that cute.


12. Kent State Stationary

Keep in touch with your friends and family from home with this blue and gold stationary.


13. Kent Wine Stopper

Proclaim your love of Kent State and wine all at once.

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14. Kent State Luggage Tag

Make it easy for yourself at baggage claim to look for these Golden Flash luggage tags.

15. Three Giclée Map Art Prints

Decorate your first off-campus apartment with this feminine three-piece print set.


16. Kent State Tom’s

Because Tom’s are the most comfortable shoe ever invented.


17. Kent State Watercolor Gold Leaf Printable

This beautiful ode to Kent State is available for download, so you can print it right in the library on campus and have a new dorm room decoration before your 8AM class.

18. Kent State Headband

Workout at the Rec Center while showing your Kent State pride.


19. Fleetwood Mac Concert Print

Who knew Fleetwood Mac came to Kent State in 1975? If you love music, display this print proudly.

20. Black Squirrel Charm Necklace

If you love Kent State, you love black squirrels.


What are some other Etsy products (or any products in general) that show off your Kent State pride? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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