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20 Reasons Why I Love My PWI

20 Reasons Why I Love My PWI

I love my PWI at Virginia Tech. There is so much to offer at this PWI that makes me love my roots more than I already do. Here are 20 reasons why PWIs rule.

Hi everyone, my name is Elysia, and I am a sophomore history major at Virginia Tech. After being at a PWI for three semesters I have learned many things and have loved Virginia Tech even more. Many people of color (P.O.C) know what a PWI is, for those who do not know PWI stands for predominately white institution. As an African American going to a PWI it can make or break your experiences. People have preconceived notions about people who choose a PWI or HBCU (Historical black college or institution). I wanted to tell others why I made my choice and will never regret it.

1. You have a different perspective.

Let’s be honest especially when it comes to Black Lives we see the world differently then our fellow white students. It’s great for when you need to talk in class.

2. The black community is your new family.

When you’re away from home you want to be around people that are most similar to you. You joke with them, complain about classes, find great places to eat at and party with them.


3. Black events= every black shows up.

It’s the best way to meet other students, find new friends but most importantly get needed contacts for your future.


4. Scholarships.

Many schools want to attract more P.O.C.  so they offer more financial aid, scholarships and grants. It makes the school look good and it doesn’t hurt your back account as much.

5. Opportunities.

Going to a big university and also being part of the smallest minority many academic clubs and groups want you to make their program look more appealing to potential students, alumni, and donors. It looks great on your resume too.


6. Parties.

All the black people are there; it’s the time to catch up with old friends, make some new ones, dance like crazy and meet new study buddies.

7. Recognition.

Teachers remember you more so as long as you’re a good students there’s a greater chance of them helping you out because you don’t look like everyone else.

8. Tradition.

There are a few things that I love that our school does but my favorite is the Hokie-Pokie. I love the Hokie-Pokie and it’s so much fun dancing with my friends in the stands.


9. Food.

Food in general makes me happy but Virginia Tech’s food is the best in the nation. Personally, the apple pie and steak from Owens is my favorite.

10. Programs for P.O.C.

There’s a program at Virginia Tech called Gateway that places potential P.O.C students with P.O.C. students on campus for a weekend so that they can see if Virginia Tech is a good fit for them. This program is was the reason I choose VT. It’s a great service event for the college students and great experience for potential students.


11. The Drillfield.

On days that it’s not pouring down rain or freezing cold the Drillfield is a great place to get your daily exercise, and catch up with friends.

12. Culture.

Virginia Tech is so diverse. There’s a club for everything and it’s very easy to fit it.

13. Location.

VT is a small town. Everything that you need is in walking distance or a short bus ride. I don’t like city but it’s big enough and there’s tons of things to get involved with to still have that city feel.

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14. Students.

Everyone that I met is very friendly and care how you’re doing. People will check in on you if you’re sick and it’s so easy to find study groups.


15. Class size.

Because of my major (History) my classes tend to be around 20.

16. Teachers.

So far I’ve had very understanding teachers. Once, my teacher said I could take a nap in class without any penalties.

17. Research.

Every semester in at least one class I have had some type of research project and sometimes the school pays you or gives you scholarships for it.


18. Sporting events.

There’s no better way to feel connected to your school then to go cheer on your winning football team.

19. Gym.

I love working out and there’s 2 great gyms on campus. War is known for not having a.c. but it makes you sweat so much more. McCommas has an amazing weight room, pool and a.c.

20. Prestige.

Virginia Tech is a great school and looks amazing on any resume.

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