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A Typical Day As A Columbia College Chicago Student

A Typical Day As A Columbia College Chicago Student

Here is a typical day as a Columbia College Chicago student. At Columbia College Chicago there is a lot to offer. Going to CCC was the best decision I made.

Columbia College Chicago (CCC) represents one of the most significant academic institutions in the US. CCC is known for its encouragement to be different and accept who you are as an artist and a creator. The high acceptance rate (of over 80%) shows how much CCC is willing to risk in order to find and embrace talent. But how does a typical day look like for an average CCC student and what are some of the activities and pastimes they can participate in?

Course-Specific Mindset

Given the art and design nature of most of its courses, CCC allows students to find friends and colleagues anywhere they go. This leads to a high sociability of the student body even though courses vary in direction and complexity. It’s not uncommon for filmmakers to sit down with advertisers or production designers and share ideas and meals. Columbia College Chicago emphasizes a course-specific mindset, meaning that students are encouraged to embrace their majors every step of the way.

And while cooperation and collegiality are important, sticking to your study groups is always the way to go in CCC. Bonding over a favorite (or least favorite) subject is a matter of hours, right after you enroll.


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Tending To Curriculum

Most of your day as a CCC student will revolve around the curriculum you have chosen. And while the college does emphasize individuality through self-development, course attendance is still mandatory. You can organize your tasks around the course schedule – there will be your fixed obligations. The number one priority of every student, is to attend the lectures, labs, practices and consultations. While this may sound like an exaggeration, professors are known for taking it easy on students that show up on time.

Diversity and Socialization

Students are encouraged to socialize and work together. You will be happy to hear CCC has received numerous recognitions  for being diverse and accepting. Life on campus is more than studying and lectures – it’s about living together. There is a number of social activities and extracurricular activities. Deciding which to take part in don’t take a lot of consideration. Keep in mind that you will be treated with equal respect and friendliness no matter where you come from, which is one of the hallmarks of CCC.


Club Activities

Being an art school, CCC has the benefit of including numerous clubs into its diverse catalog of activities. Students that have free time and are willing to work for extra recognition can join different clubs and influence the campus. For example, there are clubs centered on book reading, poetry, singing, painting, etc.

If there is a course on a specific topic, CCC likely has a club dedicated to exploring it. If not, they will be more than willing to consider opening one should there be an interest for it. Clubs are a highlight of campus life and there is a place for every type of person out there. A typical day at CCC can’t pass by without talking to your club colleagues and working out common plans for club activities.

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Local Part-Time Jobs

The college is also open to people looking for part-time work in and around campus. While you may not be able to partake in working in the school itself, there are many possibilities around the city itself. For example, if the official Columbia College Chicago student employment program doesn’t help, there are numerous online options that you can explore.

Employers are well aware of the talented student body at CCC and are willing to hire ambitious young people part-time and give them a small source of revenue. Part-time jobs are where students practically apply whatever it is they are studying. It also gives them a taste of what’s to come after they graduate from CCC.

This is something you should absolutely consider if you are paying for your own tuition or just want a little extra money on the side. Local part-time jobs are open to anyone studying at CCC and the college will even give you a recommendation should you ask through proper channels.


Personal vs. Academic Effort

Visiting the counselor’s office and asking for professional academic help is nothing to be ashamed of. After all, young and ambitious people can only go so far without needing someone to rely on and talk to about their problems. The thing about CCC is that most of the work you will do will revolve around you.

The professor will always be there to guide you and help out, but they won’t do your work for you. This can take a toll on your mood and productivity, which is why you should always have a plan B for whenever this happens. Believe it or not, even the best students out there need some help once in a while.

Whether its help with writing papers and contacting The Word Point or talking to a counselor and explaining what’s bothering them. Doing most of the heavy lifting with your education might not be what most people imagine when talking about CCC, but it is how the school curriculum is designed.


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Workshops & Facilities

Like any other academic institution, Columbia College Chicago has a number of workshops and DYI facilities on campus. Depending on your major, you can do most of the practical work in these workshops.

They are equipped with state of the art machinery, equipment, and computers. This gives students plenty of options. Workshops are full of chatter and people being creative with whatever projects they are working on. This is a good opportunity for introverted students to befriend fellow students.


Visiting these workshops is a part of the everyday routine in CCC and it’s something you should keep in mind if you are having second thoughts about attending. No matter what course you are following, the college is bound to cover its practical needs directly on campus.

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Student Body Interaction

What would a campus be without dorm life and hanging out with colleagues? Columbia College Chicago takes an interesting approach in pairing people up for the dormitories by specifically choosing people of different profiles. The dormitories available to students of CCC are high in cost and quality of life. You definitely get your money’s worth.


However, many students opt for living close to campus as tenants. Generally they choose their roommates based on previous friendships. This can cause rifts for people who can afford to live on the campus and people who don’t. No worries, it doesn’t show in day-to-day-interaction.

Outside students are always welcome to visit friends, attend parties and social events. They can also spend time in rooms without breaking house rules. If you are in good standing and can afford a dorm life, CCC has plenty to offer. If you want to live outside of campus, however, the city of Chicago has a plethora of apartments, condos, and rooms for rent.

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The City Of Chicago

Given the fact that your college is situated in Chicago, the city itself provides a huge number of distractions. You might even be a local student attending the CCC and still have plenty of fun with your colleagues. Visiting the parks and waterfronts alone will take you weeks; that’s not even taking into account all the road trips outside the city.

Keep in mind wandering off campus can worry administration. Make sure you don’t lose sight of why you are really at CCC. Whatever your preferences for free time are, you will definitely find something to do in Chicago in your spare time.

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Final Thoughts

Columbia College Chicago is the perfect place to be if you have artistic or advertising potential. CCC will happily offer you a chance to show what you can do.

A typical day at this college is anything but ordinary, with a little something for everyone to do and experience. If you are having second thoughts about joining CCC or looking for more proof of quality, why not contact the college itself or take a drive to the campus itself? The counselors and students will be happy to answer any lingering questions you have about the curriculum.

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