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10 Emotions Every Freshman Feels Before College

10 Emotions Every Freshman Feels Before College

Here are 10 emotions every freshman feels before college. While it may appear scary at first, you are about to embark on the best four years of your life.

It’s your last week or so at home before embarking on this next journey of your life; college. You are probably feeling a whirlwind of emotions if this is your first time, “leaving the nest.” But I am here to tell you it’s okay! It is okay to be just as nervous as you are excited! Here are 10 emotions almost every single freshmen feels before college. Here are a few helpful tips to remind you, you aren’t alone.

1. Anxiety

You’d be insane to say you are not extremely anxious right now! You are heading to a completely new place, basically starting a new life, without your family for the first time. I promise that you, and every other freshman moving in, has that same feeling in the pit of their stomach. Take a deep breath and remember, your parents will only be a phone call away.

2. Excitement

I really hope all of you are extremely excited right now! You are about to embark on the most exciting four years of your life! Thrive in the excitement. It only gets better from here!

3. Joy

The joy you are feeling is probably through the roof! Everyone tells you what college is like and I am sure you have your own mental image of what your four years will be like. While that is awesome, remember to take every moment both good and bad with a grain of salt and always keep that joy inside of you!

4. Sadness

Maybe high school was the best four years of your life and maybe you are sad to leave it all behind and that is okay! Throughout college it will be hard to remain close with your high school friends but the true ones will still be close to you when you return home next summer. It will be like you guys never parted, just with a lot of crazy new stories!


5. Tension

Have you been bickering with your parents more than normal? It is completely normal. They are trying to cope with their “baby” leaving the nest for the first time while all you can talk about is your dorm, campus, etc. Try to put yourself in their shoes for a little bit and remind them – you will call!

6. Uncertainty

Who wouldn’t have this emotion at this point? You are moving to a brand-new place, away from everything you have ever known! But feeling uncertain is just the beginning of a new glorious life. Learn to thrive in the uncertainty and your four years at school will be a breeze.

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7. Fear

Be afraid. Be insanely afraid. It is okay to freak out! I cried the entire last hour stretch of my trip to college for the first time, then again when my family left, and again at the end of my first night! But I promise that feeling goes away. Once you are comfortable and you find “your own place” at your school the fear will diminish and the joy will overtake it.


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8. Hope

Some of you are certainly feeling hope. Hope for a fresh start, a new beginning, a chance to become exactly who you are meant to be! Stay true to yourself. College is all about finding out who you are meant to be.

9. Stress

Trying to think of everything you need to bring with you to college will drive you insane! It is okay to forget stuff. You can never be over prepared but it is okay to be underprepared. There are plenty of stores stocked up by every campus ready to help you find that necessity that you never thought you would need!

10. Grateful

You can’t help but feel grateful for this crazy opportunity you are about to embark on! College will be the most life changing, yet best four years of your life. Every single day you will be better shaped into who you are meant to be. Never forget to take a step back and remain grateful for this opportunity.

Can you think of any other things you might be feeling before college? Comment below!
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