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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To University of Georgia

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To University of Georgia

If you just got accepted to the University of Georgia, there are so many things for you freshmen to look forward to! Here's why I'm excited to start at UGA!

It’s getting to that time of the year where you (high school seniors) are attempting to plan out the oh so daunting future and making one of the most important decisions of your life- where to attend college. It’s no question that there are hundreds of options and each seem to have their own unique qualities that draw in students from across the country. The decision where to study, live, and grow the next four years of your life seems like an impossible one to make however, once you do everything will fall into place. One of things that influenced me the most in making the choice to go to University of Georgia was hearing about why people absolutely fell in love with the school.

There are many classic tales and well-known traditions that every student who attends a tour of the school learns but some of the most influential things that make UGA unlike any other school in the nation are the ones that are felt and experienced the second you step foot onto the campus as a Baby Dawg. Each person has their own amazing reasons for making the obvious correct decision to become a Georgia Bulldog but here are mine.

1. The Undeniable Fact Athens Literally Bleeds Red and Black

Some colleges are just placed in towns and survive as their own entity. In Athens, the university IS the town. Every place you go you can ensure there will be Bulldog memorabilia and if you’re wearing clothes for any other team but Georgia you’re asked to kindly (or not so kindly) leave. Everywhere you go in Athens feels like home because UGA is such a community. There is no place that I feel like I don’t belong on or off campus. One of main things that sets UGA’s campus apart from the rest is downtown Athens. The adorable family-run shops, the classic Georgia Theater, endless boutique shopping, and of course the restaurants and bars are just a few things that makes Athens what it is. Its family that consists of students, teachers, factuality, alumni, Athens natives and is one that you can only have at the University of Georgia.



2. The Greek Life

Most large state schools have some sort of Greek life. Although there may be pros and cons for each of the school’s Greek systems, I feel like I am completely justified in saying the University of Georgia has the top Greek life around. For starters, we have Milledge- a street lined with classic and unique sorority and fraternity houses that mimic and emphasize the undeniable charm that only Athens has. Besides the houses and the location of them, the main thing that I love about the UGA fraternities and sororities is their involvement with each other and on campus. Socials on Thursday nights are the epitome of a sorority girl’s dream- dressing up for themes, socializing with cute fraternity boys, and of course the opportunity to get some ~Insta worthy pics~.


3. The Academics

For some people, academic prestige is the most influential factor while applying to colleges and for others, the “school” part of university isn’t something you’re looking forward to. Regardless of your outlook on the importance of academics, if you choose to attend the University of Georgia you will be attending one of the most prestigious public universities in the country. With this comes more resources, a better education, and truly a more valuable diploma. Great partying and a great education? Can’t really beat it.

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4. The People

Athens seriously has the warmest and most welcoming people on the planet. Some of the nicest people who brighten my day are people you’d never expect and that’s what makes it so special. I always look forward to going to the dining halls, downtown to shop, or simply just walking around campus because I’m guaranteed that someone will put a much needed smile on my face.



5. Football

Obviously statistically we aren’t the #1 football team in the nation but our fans act like we are. Every game day is the best day in Athens; fans from all over come to support the team that represents the family I’m a part of and that’s something that will never not give me chills. The second you step foot into Sanford Stadium on a Saturday you will forever believe that Athens really is the best place on earth and trust me it’s the truth. We also have the Greek circle which I find has some of the best tailgating around. Not sure why some frats decided that firetrucks on game days were a necessity but they did and let me tell you now if there isn’t a firetruck the party hasn’t really started.

Why did you decide to go to University of Georgia? Share in the comments below!
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