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10 Stages of Registering for Classes at the University of Florida

10 Stages of Registering for Classes at the University of Florida

Everyone at UF knows how stressful registering for classes can be. You rally with your friends to see who can save a spot in a class you desperately need. Registering for classes can be ruthless, but you do what you gotta do to get by.

1. You plan your schedule to match your friend’s.

2. The two of you get on and match the reviews to the actual reviews of your other friends.

3. The onset depression when you find out your registration time is last out of your group of friends.


4. You start plotting which friends can register you for your classes so you don’t lose your spot.

5. When you finally log in to your account you freak because you forgot to update your emergency information and you know you are wasting precious time.

6. You find your classes and you see the extra fees tacked onto your class and roll your eyes in disbelief “you’re robbing me!”

7. You tell your friend to drop the class so you can take the spot they saved specifically for you.

8. You hold your breath because the risk of losing the class is all too real.

9. You’ve secured your class with your friends so you have to dance it out.

10. Your schedule is completely set, you can sit back and stress on your current class schedule.
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