6 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in NYC

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the best days of the year here in New York City, and I’m here to tell you all about how to celebrate it

1. The Parade

This is BY FAR the best St. Patrick’s Day activity. The Parade runs along 5th Avenue in Manhattan and starts at 11 AM. People from all over walk in the parade, and it’s so much fun to see all of the sights! Because it occurs in the middle of the day, you still have all night to complete all of the other fun Irish activities!

2. Lower East Side Tenement Museum

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is a great place for you to learn about the background and history of Irish immigrants. There you can learn about their lives as early Americans through the walking tours of the tenements and neighborhood! Find out more here.


3. Official St. Patrick’s Day PubCrawl NYC

If you’re over 21, the Official St. Patrick’s Day PubCrawl NYC is a great way to spend your day! The day consists of barhopping, drinking and lots of fun! Your ticket gets you free cover into tons many bars all throughout the city and plenty of drink specials!

4. “Leprechaun” Viewing

Head over to the Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn on Thursday night to watch the 1993 film, Leprechaun! See Jennifer Aniston in her first movie as they search for one important pot of gold.


5. Enjoy an Irish Breakfast

Tír na NÓg, an Irish Pub in Times Square, is the perfect place to get your St. Patrick’s Day started! Their St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast Menu includes many classics, like an Irish Omelet, Smoked Salmon Benedict and the traditional Irish Breakfast! And an added bonus: it’s very affordable! Find out more here.

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6. Watch the NCAA Tournament

Let’s be honest, this is one of my top of my concerns right now, and I’m sure it’s one of yours too. Get yourself to an Irish Pub, or better yet, The Irish Pub! With a prime location right in Midtown, it can be either your first stop of the day or your last! Plenty of HDTV’s make it possible to have every game you hope to see on TV! And what’s more Irish than cheering on your favorite sports team?

I hope this list has given you some inspiration as to how you should celebrate your St. Paddy’s Day in New York City! Erin Go Bragh!

Any other ways we should know about to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in NYC? Comment below and share!
Featured Image Source: cracked., oregonlive.com