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5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Comfortable

5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Comfortable

As cheesy as it sounds, kitchens are truly the heart of our homes. After all, kitchens play such a huge role in our lives; we cook meals for our guests, drink tea with our loved ones, and gather there with our friends and families. As for me, some of my sweetest memories have been made in the kitchens! With that said, it’s important that we take care of the room where we spend most of our time in. Whether you enjoy cooking or not, a clean kitchen is beyond satisfying. When thinking about how to make your kitchen more comfortable and inviting, consider these five tips that will help you transform your kitchen into a warm and welcoming room you’re going to fall in love with! 

1. Lighter Colors

Color choice and lighting are crucial when it comes to your kitchen! Many color psychologists agree that lighter colors tend to be more calming and soothing. After all, you want your kitchen to be a place where you can relax after a long day, whether you’re eating, drinking, or just enjoying the moment. Things such as curtains or paintings that are pastel or in the lighter shade will make your kitchen a more relaxing place to be at.  Colors such as yellow, blue, and white can create a warm and energizing feeling. The white color will give your kitchen a fresh and clean look and make other colors pop even more! You can even paint your kitchen walls or drawers a lighter color!  However,  while painting can be a hassle,  an art piece is always a good addition to any room!  You can shop this adorable,  minimalist painting on here.  You can even get creative and paint something yourself! Another way to lighten up your kitchen is to let as much sunlight as possible! Open up your curtains and let the sunshine in!  Natural light is the best decoration for any room. 

5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Comfortable

2. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can brighten up any room! A fresh bouquet will make you want to spend all your day enjoying the view and might even inspire you to create something fancy. You can use tulips or peonies for a classy, preppy look, and wildflowers can be used to attain that rustic farmhouse look! Personally, I find peonies the perfect kitchen flowers. Their bright colors and big petals will make your kitchen look stunning! However, if you are not a fan of peonies, any of your favorite flowers will give your kitchen a new look and personalize it! You’ll need a vase to put those flowers somewhere, of course, like this one available at Target! Glass vases are perfect because they are so versatile and stylish! 

5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Comfortable

3. Mason Jars

Say what you will, but mason jars will never get old! They are perfect to use for storage and organization, and even decoration! From many colors and sizes to choose from, mason jars can be used for spices, baking and cooking items, and so much more! You can pour your cake mixes in them for better storage or use them as a meal-prep tool. You can also keep your snacks in them for to-go. For example, putting popcorn with pretzels or Greek yogurt with fruit in them. Honestly, what aren’t those jars good for?! They also make a great decoration tool! One way to go above and beyond is to paint your mason jars your favorite color or print, or as an organization tool! Whether you decide to put fresh flowers in them or popcorn kernels, they will definitely serve their purpose and make your kitchen more functional! 

5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Comfortable

4. The Less, The Better

Kitchens can get super messy. With that in mind, it can get frustrating when you have all of your baking and cooking appliances out along with multiple mason jars filled with snacks. Declutter! Put away what you don’t use as often and give your kitchen island a break! It will provide you with more space to cook, work, or just relax.  While it can get annoying taking and putting things away every time, your peace of mind will thank you when you’ll be walking into your kitchen and seeing a spotless kitchen island! To achieve that, you can shop for some kitchen storage items like these metal baskets at Target! Click on this link to shop! 

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5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Comfortable

5. Lighting 

Eating, cooking, or gathering in a dark kitchen is no fun. It can create an unease atmosphere and frustrate your guests left alone yourself. Though we have already talked about sunlight, another way to brighten up your kitchen is to use daylight light bulbs! By adding those to your kitchen, you will have more light to do that late-night baking. Daylight bulbs will give your kitchen a brand new look and can be helpful when studying or working in the kitchen. Another way to add more light is to place an overhead table light above the counter! That way, you will have even more light when cooking to taking those artsy Instagram pics! You can find daylight bulbs at Target or any other store! Click on this link to shop them!  


There is no doubt that the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in our homes, and as cheesy as it sounds, the heart of it too. We cook, clean, often study and work there, gather with our loved ones, and make memories there without even realizing it! A particular room like that requires special attention, don’t you agree? Though sometimes it is hard to renovate your kitchen (and impossible when you’re renting), you can still add a soft and warming touch to make it more your own and give it a heart-warming atmosphere. You don’t need to paint the cabinets, buy new curtains or an expensive rug to make your kitchen look more welcoming and comfortable.

As you can see, a few little details can give your kitchen a brand new look and feel. I hope this article helped you find a way to make your kitchen a cozier place. 

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