15 Things That Happen When You Are From West Chester

I’m eighteen years old and have lived in West Chester my whole life.  Living right next to The Edge, I have definitely noticed some quirks that come with being a Dub-C native. Keep reading to learn all about the 15 things that happen when you are from West Chester.

1. High street becomes “Main” street.

In case you were not aware, High street runs right past WCU and straight through town. Sure you can take 202 down to Exton and Downingtown, but what is the point of all that when you can cut the wait time!?

2. You learn how to jay walk: High street is not a pedestrian friendly street.

Driving, especially while college is in session, is a pain. Pedestrians already walk without looking, but with High street being so busy and the light patterns being so messed up; it makes things ten times harder. The light at High and Rosedale only gives the OK to walk when one of the lights also has the green light. But don’t be afraid, you will always have someone to risk your life with. P.S. cross at Burrito Loco.

3. The buildings and landmarks never change.

Places may close and become new restaurants or businesses, but if you are from West Chester,  you know what is supposed to be where.  When I cross High street,  I cross at Papa Johns. You grow up knowing places not streets. Chris’s will always be Chris’s. Lorenzo’s will always be Lorenzo’s.

4. Instead of cheering on sports teams, you cheer on fire companies.

My father has run with fire companies since he was my age. Now he runs with Goodwill Fire Co. Engine 52, so we go down to Goshen Fair to cheer them on in intense rounds of tug-o-war.

5. You learn fairs are for food not rides.

Goshen fair is good for their DONUTS. Made right in the tent where you can see them being fried, covered in cinnamon or powdered sugar.  Sure you may go to watch the tug-o-war or see the animals, but no one leaves without a donut.

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6. You have an accent.

Sure it is not a Philly accent, it is a Decor accent. A study showed that people from West Chester have the closest accent to an old English one. I bet you never noticed, but you will start to now.

7. You learn to walk, walk, walk.

I established that High street isn’t for pedestrians, but town is. Everything is so close together and parking is so hard to come by. Conveniently everything is in walking distance and no weather can get you down. One time we were so desperate for a Slurpee we walked to get one during hurricane Sandy!

8. You learn the names of the bars, even if you can’t drink.

You know all the bars and which nights have the rowdiest parties. From Landmark to Kildare’s, you know the party locations. You know which places to avoid and where to hang; as well as the popular police locations and where the drunks go afterwards.

9. Dunkin’ is a second home.

The Dunkin Donuts on West Chester Pike is the best BTW. What tends to happen is you set a pattern and create a habit of going places.  I never order on the go because I don’t need too.  As soon as I walk into the store, my coffee is made. It is a small town and they remember faces.

10. You obtain weird friendships.

One day,  I was walking through my school and looked up to see two of my best family friends. When you come from a small town like West Chester you have friends in all kinds of professions and from all over town. RNS,  janitors, butchers, officers and professors. Everyone is friends.

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11. Nicknames are what you know things by.

Just to name a few on WCU’s campus: the castle and whispering arches. The old spaz lot; yes there was a “Spaz” in town. Iron Hill is still the old Woolworth, and Barnaby’s is the old Municipal building.

12. You attend every event because…you don’t have an option.

You don’t get a choice. Really. When you live so close to town there is no trying to avoid it. Nothing else goes on. Halloween and Christmas parades, bike races and festivals. They all cut off flow through town so just go and enjoy the most amazing college band, WCU.

13. You get sneak previews of the band’s new music.

 Since I live so close to the music buildings, I get a sneak preview of the marching band’s new soundtrack. Sure it isn’t a bad thing…it just gets bothersome when you are trying to enjoy a nice day and all you hear….all day… is marching band! Oh well, like I said the best band around!

14. Sports become an important thing.

Alright, I have always been a sports fan (not for the Eagles…) and it is kind of cliche; but Dub C is a small town and sports are important. Little American Football Association (LAFA) is a big deal and so is high school football. I plan in going back to Rustin to watch some football because it is so fun and so many people go. Go Knights! It forms a great community so get out there and watch some football!

15. You simply learn how to have FUN.

Night life in W.C. is poppin’. Partying and late night snacks. There’s finally a Baked, sorry guys just cookie dough and an insomnia cookies. Late night pizza and strolls through town. The parades are fun and offer a lot of awesome experiences. West Chester is a community that grows together because of the fun and family-like lifestyle. The most important thing that happens when you are from West Chester is that you grow up a part of a strong community.

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These are the 15 things that happen when you are from West Chester! Let me know what you thought in the comments below!
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