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The 20 Cutest String Light Ideas For Your Bedroom

The 20 Cutest String Light Ideas For Your Bedroom

Use fairy lights to decorate your bedroom. Here are the ways you can use christmas lights to decorate your room. Check out these string lights in action!

String lights have been an interior design trademark for quite some time now. We’ve all seen the Christmas tree lights being used on the ceiling to add a little bit of charm to your bedroom. Instead of going with the traditional fairy lights decor, here are some alternative ways of using string lights to upgrade your bedroom. It’s time to say goodbye to predictable Christmas lights decor and try theseĀ string light ideas for your bedroom!

1. String Light Mirror Decor

2. Starry Night String Light Decor

Instead of using plain string lights on the ceiling, find star shaped string lights to hang from the ceiling. This adds a bit of a starry-night ambiance. This is a perfect idea for a hallway or studio apartment.

3. String Light LED Headboard

4. String Light Chandelier

5. String Light Picture Holder

6. String Light Words

7. String Light Rug

This is an insanely creative way of incorporating string lights into your bedroom. Using string lights in a rug is also a great way to create a night-light for those of you who like sleeping with a bit of light in the room.


8. String Light Rope

If you are going for a beachy-chic bedroom vibe, this is the perfect decor trick.

See Also

9. String Light Cotton Ball Cloud

10. String Light Stuffed Animal

11. String Light Glass JarsĀ 

12. String Light Ladder

13. String Light Bicycle

14. String Light Ivy Pillar Decor

Take your pillar decor to the next level by finding ivy string lights. They add an earthy and magical vibe to your bedroom.


15. Winter Sparkle Mirrored Garland

16. String Light Bed Canopy

17. String Light Dangling Wall

18. String Light Window Installation

19. String Light Ceiling Icicles

If you’ve been to Cafe Select in NYC you know this magical cafe’s trademark are the icicle string lights. Create elongated rows of string lights in your bed room at you will be in heaven!

20. Ping Pong Ball String Lights Over A Photography

Let us know if you know any other string light ideas for your bedroom!
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