20 Dollhouses That’ll Make You Wish You Could Fit Inside

If you used to be obsessed - you know you once tried to make a DIY dollhouse - check out these 20 dollhouses that'll make you wish you could fit inside.

Growing up, dollhouses were everything. They had perfect bathrooms, elevators, and the canopy bed you had always dreamed of. Admit, there were a lot of days you wish you could just crawl in there with your Barbies. If you used to be obsessed – you know you once tried to make your own DIY dollhouse out of a shoe box – check out these 20 dollhouses that’ll make you wish you could fit inside.

1. All White

This beautiful all white mansion even has a white piano. The height of class for dolls.

2. Art Deco

This art deco abode has not one, but two balconies to sip margaritas and watch the sunset from.


3. Bachelorette Pad

This dollhouse is a total bachelorette pad. From the gold and pink accents to the leopard print throw on the bed, you and your friends would kill it here.

4. Bachelor Pad

This bachelor pad even includes some DIY dollhouse posters on the wall – how cute! Judging by the bearskin rug, whoever lives in this tiny home is a major player.

5. Pink Bakery

This little bakery is an absolute dream. I mean, look at the tiny pink mixer…


6. Chic & Bright

This chic dollhouse has the ultimate master bedroom. (And the coolest staircase.)

7. Victorian Dollhouses

You probably saw a Victorian dollhouse growing up that you were absolutely not allowed to touch, but could you imagine living in one!? This dollhouse would make you feel like a princess every day.

8. Floridian Mansion

This gorgeous mansion has two gazebos! Perfect for being swept off your feet by your dream man.


9. Glass Front

This house has an entirely glass front, how cool is that?

10. Greenhouse

This teeny tiny greenhouse would be the perfect spot to sip tea and read books all day long.

11. Clean & Crisp

This house looks like it was decorated with a miniature Ikea catalog. The best hang out for twentysomethings.


12. Guitar Frame

Seriously, how cool would it be to live in a guitar? (This is also a fun DIY dollhouse idea if you have an instrument that is out of commission.)

13. Sleek LA Mansion

This dollhouse looks like what I picture every A-list Hollywood actor lives in. It even has a fancy telescope!

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14. Modern & Manly

This spacious and rugged house would definitely be home to the coolest bachelor of all time. Do you see that booth built into the kitchen island? Genius.

15. Grassy & Cozy

This home is for the tiniest of Anthropologie fans. Just look at that rug!

16. West Coast Condo

This fun dollhouse has fun west coast vibes. It also has an attic loft, which is pretty much everyone’s dream room.


17. Gorgeous Terrace

This beautiful home has a terrace that spans the length of the whole house. Perfect for letting your pups play!

18. Beautiful Terrarium

Could you imagine being able to wander around this terrarium? So. Cool.

19. Quirky & Woodsy

This quirky little abode has a cute DIY dollhouse fireplace and a hammock in the bedroom. Is there anything cozier?


20. Modern Miami

Can’t you picture yourself at this modern art deco home, lounging somewhere by the water in Miami? Just look at that balcony swing!

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featured image source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJxNmeAjRMy/?taken-by=mostlyminiature