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10 Things You’re Always Asked If You’re From Las Vegas

10 Things You’re Always Asked If You’re From Las Vegas

If anyone has ever asked you if you live in a casino or questioned your ability to handle extreme heat, then congrats you are probably from Las Vegas.

If anyone has ever asked you in you live in a casino or questioned your ability to buy groceries and handle extreme heat, then congrats you are probably from Las Vegas.

1. “Oh so you don’t live in a house right? Like you live in a casino?”

I really wish I would have taken the time to document how many times I have been asked this question. And it’s not just me, I asked around to see if anyone else has ever gotten this question and they. all. have. To answer this question once and for all, no, Las Vegas residents do not live in casinos. We have homes, apartments, high rises and everything in between but no Las Vegas resident that I know, lives in a casino.

2. “It must be so fun to live in Las Vegas. Are you just partying like ALL the time?”

Yes obviously! Not like I have school, work, family, friends, working out, eating, sleeping, breathing, and netflixing to worry about! Just to clarify, that was sarcasm. Living in Las Vegas can be fun on a few select days but for the most part, you’ll find Las Vegas residents living surprisingly normal lives. Most days aren’t crazy exciting especially if you aren’t 21. Being under age and living in Las Vegas is like dangling a fresh salmon in front of an angry grizzly bear. There obviously is fun things to do, but not enough days lived on earth to do them.


3. “Do you hangout on the strip 24/7?”

No, the strip is 30 minutes away from my home, would involve me having to pause the Netflix show I’m watching, and would most likely end up with me GETTING IN A FIGHT WITH SOME TOURIST BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE THEIR BLINKER AND THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHERE THEY’RE GOING. So no, the PF Chang’s six minutes away is just as a good as the one in Planet Hollywood. (please watch the whole gif)

4. “People like actually… raise families there?”

In the flesh home-girl. Yes people do indeed raise families here oh and no not just mine, there’s hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands!

5. “So do you like know a lot of strippers?”

Tons. We’re besties. Once again, just to clarify that was sarcasm. No, I do not know a lot of strippers, none actually. But I do know people my age who like the same thing as me so that’s pretty crazy, right! And there would be absolutely nothing wrong if all my friends were strippers, the real question is why do y’all care that much?!?!?!


6. “Are there schools in Las Vegas?”

There is indeed schools in Las Vegas. Ranked 50th in the nation for education? Maybe. Existing? Definitely. Thriving? We’ll get there! There is of course a very select group of good schools in Las Vegas but those are private and don’t count toward the national ranking. S/O to my alma mater, #gogaels!

7. “There always seems to be so many great restaurants and events in Las Vegas, do you just love going to all of them?”

Why yes, I would love to go to all of them! However, LOCALS ARE NEVER INFORMED ON THE DOPE THINGS GOING ON IN THEIR OWN TOWN. Drake performing at the Bellagio fountains? Had no idea. Fashion Show Mall set up lawn chairs and beanbags for people to enjoy a movie together? Had no idea. I’m tired of the lack of loyalty Vegas.

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8. “How do you get groceries in Las Vegas?”

Take it back, take it back right now. I personally, get in my car, go to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s (because I love that fresh shit), pick out my groceries, purchase them and go home. I just want to document me and my mom have both been asked this question by different people…ridiculous.

9. “Wow Las Vegas in so warm in the summer, is it just perfect for tanning and swimming?”

Ah yes Vegas is indeed warm in the summer, if you consider 113 degrees “warm”. Vegas in the summer is literally like being in Satan’s asshole 24/7. And then, sometimes when it’s windy it’s still like being in Satan’s asshole just after he went through a full can of baked beans. I. Do. Not. Like. Hot. Wind. There is absolutely no way to even tan in Las Vegas because your skin will literally begin to burn, like light on fire burn. There is also no humidity so it’s just a dry, sweltering cesspool of individuals in the summer.

10. “So other than the strip there’s really nothing to do in Vegas, right?”

No, Vegas actually has some great opportunities including hiking, zip-lining, family owned restaurants, golfing, snowboarding (in the winter of course), and lot’s of other adventures that don’t require alcohol and tight, uncomfortable dresses. And I would most definitely recommend all of them to everyone who took the approximate 4 minutes to read about my hometown (even if it’s not like most people’s).

What are some other signs you’re from Las Vegas? Let us know down below!
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