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10 Ways To Decorate For Halloween This Year

10 Ways To Decorate For Halloween This Year

Halloween is almost here and that means it’s time to pull out your Halloween decorations covered in literal cobwebs and get decorating! However, sometimes we just need to upgrade our decor. The fake spider you bought three years ago is now missing 4 legs and is looking a little more sad than it is scary. Or maybe you’re just sick of your old decor and want to decorate using a new theme!

This Halloween, change up your home’s theme with one of these 10 decorating ideas!

1. Witching Hour

This Halloween, join the coven and decorate your house or space in a wickedly scary way! Decorate with apothecary jars, spell books, cauldrons… There are so many witchy motifs that you can decorate with the possibilities are endless! This is a great decorating option for those of you who love to DIY because lots of this can be crafted!

This Halloween concept is also a great idea if you have little ones around; you can go the Hocus Pocus route and decorate with funny quotes from everyone’s favorite Halloween movie! In fact, Spirit Halloween has a Hocus Pocus collection, which just makes a witching hour theme even better!

10 Ways To Decorate For Halloween This Year

2. Pumpkin Patch

You can never go wrong with a classic pumpkin theme. Not only is it adorable, but it is also very classy and perfect for families! Halloween is the time of pumpkins, and you can find them everywhere. Decorate with different colored pumpkins, carve pumpkins… make your house into a livable pumpkin patch!

This Halloween theme is also great because it can carry into Thanksgiving, so there’s no need to switch up the decor on November 1. Keep up your decorations all fall long! You’ll be saving money and have an adorable space, win-win!

10 Ways To Decorate For Halloween This Year

3. Gothic Noir

Gothic noir is often mistaken for goth. In reality, gothic noir does incorporate the concept of traditional gothic decor, but it also has “noir,” which is French for “black” and often refers to those black-and-white crime films. Gothic noir combines these two concepts to create a mysterious and dark atmosphere while also maintaining classy, vintage elements as well.

This Halloween, consider decorating with elements of gothic noir! Think Dracula’s castle and Edgar Allen Poe, and you’re on the right track!

10 Ways To Decorate For Halloween This Year

4. Vintage Haunts

There is something undeniably creepy about vintage when said in the same sentence as Halloween. Every scary movie has elements of antique, I mean, have you seen Annabelle? Antique makes something creepy because you don’t necessarily know the story behind it. 

This Halloween, pull inspiration from these vintage scenes and create your own “antique shop.” Find old pictures on the internet or make your own! The key to a vintage Halloween theme is the creepy props you use… like a doll… 

Visit a local thrift store or antique store and pick up some pieces to add to your Halloween theme for cheap!

10 Ways To Decorate For Halloween This Year

5. Graveyard Shift

You don’t hear the word “Halloween” without thinking about skeletons. This Halloween, take that word association to the next level and decorate using only the skeleton and bone motif! Halloween stores everywhere have lots of animal “skeletons” to choose from, and there is no shortage of the theme this time of year. You can even add headstones with creative names like the ones you see at Disneyland on the Haunted Mansion, perfect for you punny folk out there!

Incorporate the image on pillows, pictures, candles… get creative and work the graveyard shift!

10 Ways To Decorate For Halloween This Year

6. Steampunk

I was today years old when I discovered what exactly steampunk is, but have always found it fascinating. In case anyone is like me and has no idea what steampunk is, allow me to clarify. Steampunk is a genre of science fiction that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. However, I am a newbie to the concept of steampunk. I encourage anyone more knowledgable about the subject to comment down below! 

Steampunk incorporates a lot of vintage machineries such as clocks and metals and can create a futuristic look to an old setting. This Halloween, join the steampunk movement and incorporate it into your decorating theme. Spirit Halloween even offers a section dedicated to steampunk decor so you can rock the design better than anyone!

10 Ways To Decorate For Halloween This Year

7. Mixed Patterns

For a long time, mixing patterns were looked at as wrong, and the clashing patterns made many uncomfortable. This Halloween, take advantage of the fact many no longer are bothered and decorate with multiple patterns! The key to a successful pattern mixing is to stay in the same color palette and incorporate one design in more than just one item. 

This is a fun way to decorate for Halloween because it is super simple and you don’t need to stick to one store or brand! As long as the colors are cohesive, you can shop at multiple stores! If you’re having trouble with this, stick to neutral colors as those are easier to match than other colors. 

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10 Ways To Decorate For Halloween This Year

8. Classic Horror

One of the best things about Halloween is horror movies. I would argue that it is horror movies that have made Halloween what it is today. When I think of Halloween I think of scary movies, so why not incorporate that into your Halloween decorating?

In my opinion, this theme works best with classic horror films, but you can also do it with newer movies! The reason I think classic is better is that… well… they’re classics! Even if someone has never seen Scream, they know what the mask looks like. If someone hasn’t seen The Exorcist, they are familiar with the movie poster. 

Whether you go classic or modern, have some fun with it! Decorate using one film or use multiple! Pull inspiration from the movie and make your own props!

10 Ways To Decorate For Halloween This Year

9. Halloween Harvest

If you’re not big on Halloween, this decorating theme is for you! Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you have to pull all the skeletons out of your closet! Keep your theme classy and straightforward using Halloween motifs with a twist.

Aim for a theme that would work beyond Halloween and opt for more neutral colors. This is also great if you want to save some money on decorations because you can keep these up all fall long! If you’re having trouble finding neutral Halloween decorations, you can DIY your own! Paint over Halloween decorations using the color palette you prefer, and you’re ready for a simple, classy, and gorgeous Halloween!

10 Ways To Decorate For Halloween This Year

10. Little House of Horrors

Every year, Target comes through with their Halloween collections. This year is no different, and Target has released its Hide and EEK collection with this one that is very reminiscent of Little Shop of Horrors! This particular collection is called Ghoulish Garden, and it has everything you need to live out your cinema dreams!

This collection is very colorful and super fun because it incorporates the plant trend going on right now while also maintaining a Halloween vibe! It sort of looks like a greenhouse experiment gone wrong in the best way possible, and I will be purchasing everything.

10 Ways To Decorate For Halloween This Year

How do you decorate for Halloween? Would you decorate using any of these ideas?

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