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30 Costumes With Wings You Need To Copy

30 Costumes With Wings You Need To Copy

From costume dragon wings to movie characters, the possibilities are endless. Keep reading for 30 costumes with wings you totally need to copy this year.

There are tons of different options if you want to wear wings this year for Halloween! From fairies to costume dragon wings to movie characters, the possibilities are endless. Keep reading for 30 costumes with wings you totally need to copy this year.

1. Angel

An angel costume is always an easy one to pull off, especially with friends.

Angel wing costume!

2. Dark Angel

A dark angel is a fun twist if you are looking to wear all black this Halloween.

Wing costumes!

3. Bat

Such a comfy and cozy costume!

Cute bat wing costume!

4. Dragon

Costume dragon wings are such a unique way to dress up for Halloween.

( Check out these dragon wings here!)

Dragon wing costume!

5. Bumble Bee

A bumble bee is a wing costume classic.

Bumble bee wing costume!

6. Butterfly

Butterfly wings will look amazing on top of pretty much any outfit you choose to wear.

Butterfly wing costume!

7. Tinkerbell

Who doesn’t love Tinkerbell!?

Fairy wing costume!

8. Chicken

Let your arms be the wings for this quirky costume!

Chicken wing costume!

9. Redbull

Because Redbull gives you wings… get it!?

Redbull wing costume!

10. Phoenix

A phoenix is such a beautiful costume that you can definitely DIY.

Phoenix wing costume!

11. Pegasus

This Pegasus look is so much fun to dress up with a good makeup tutorial.

Pegasus wing costume!

12. Ladybug

A ladybug is also a super easy wing costume to pull off.

Lady bug wing costume!

13. Buzz Lightyear

Such a fun DIY wing costume!

Buzz Lightyear costume!

14. Mushu

Mushu’s wings may be tiny, but this costume is so much fun to wear.

Mushu costume!

15. Maleficent

For a dramatic look, try out this Maleficent look.

Maleficent wing costume!

16. Flying Monkey

If you love The Wizard of Oz, go to the dark side and dress as a flying monkey.

Flying monkey costume!

17. Dark Fairy

A dark fairy is a spooky twist on a cute costume.

Dark fairy wing costume!

18. Peacock

Grab some peacock feathers and fashion your own wings!

Peacock wing costume!

19. Queen Bee

Add a sash and tiara to your bee costume to become the Queen Bee.

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Queen bee wing costume!

20. Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy is especially fun if you have a cute dentist to rock it with.

Tooth fairy costume!

21. Parrot

A parrot costume is super easy to pull off with a red leotard and feather headband.

Parrot wing costume!

22. Victoria’s Secret Angel

Admit it, it would be really fun to be a VS Angel for a night.

Victoria's Secret Angel costume!

23. Cosmo and Wanda

Another great option for couples!

Cosmo and Wanda costume!

24. Owl

Give your wings a fun spin by wearing them on your shirt.

Owl wing costume!

25. Swan

Try this swan look like Lea Michele and wear your wings as a headpiece.

Swan wing costume!
26. Flamingo

Attach some wings to your tutu to go as a pretty pink flamingo.

Flamingo costume!

27. Hummingbird

A hummingbird is a pretty and unique wing costume to try.

Hummingbird wing costume!
28. Articuno

If you love Pokémon, you will love this costume.

Articuno wing costume!

29. Black Swan

Add wings into your makeup look to create this Black Swan costume.

Black swan costume!

30. Showgirl

If you want to take your look over the top, go as a Vegas showgirl!

Showgirl costume!

What are some of your favorite costumes with wings? Let us know in the comments below!
30 Costumes With Wings You Need To Copy
These are the best costumes with wings that you NEED to copy!
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