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20 League Of Legends Costume Looks That Are Next Level

20 League Of Legends Costume Looks That Are Next Level

Here's the ultimate league of legends costume looks. These League of Legends characters are next-level. What's your favorite League of Legends costume?

Halloween is fast approaching! If you are a League of Legends fan, here are 20 League of Legends costume looks that are beyond intense. If you’re thinking of going as a League of Legends character, then you have some serious competition.

1. League of Legends Costume: Koi Nami

We can’t get over how realistic this Koi Nami costume looks.



2. Sandstorm Katarina

Could anyone have nailed this League of Legends costume any better? Probably not!

Image result for Sandstorm Katarina by Nadyasonika

3. Zyra

Zyra from League of Legends is definitely cooler than Poison Ivy!


Image result for Zyra by DanielleBeaulieu

4. Leopard Nidalee

Leopard Nidalee is a serious warrior and this costume does her justice.

Image result for Leopard Nidalee by Calssara Cosplay


5. Darkflame Shyvana

If we didn’t know who Darkflame Shyvana was in League of Legends, we’d be seriously impressed with this costume regardless.

Image result for Darkflame Shyvana by Galuren

6. Tresh

No words. That is all.


Image result for Thresh by Sköll Cosplay

7. Wukong

You’ve probably seen this Wukong costume around the internet. This is by far the best League of Legends Monkey King to date.

Related image


8. Gladiator Draven and Jinx

Image result for Gladiator Draven and Jinx by Leon Chiro Cosplay and Miss Hatred

9. Vindicator Vayne

Image result for Vindicator Vayne by Minus10GradCelsius

10. Blast Zone Heimerdinger

This person totally mastered Blast Zone Heimerdinger’s height.


Image result for Blast Zone Heimerdinger by Twinzik Cosplay

11. Yasuo

Related image

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12. Morgana x Malzahar

Related image

13. Ice King

Related image

14. Foxgirl / Kitsune

league of legends Waifus 2


15. Asuka

Image result for Blast Zone Heimerdinger by Twinzik Cosplay

16. Jinx

There is no competing with this Jinx costume, whatsoever.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling


17. Barbarian

Image may contain: 1 person, standing

18. Star Guardian

Image may contain: 1 person

19. Lux

Lux cosplay


20. Heartseeker

Heartseeker Ashe Cosplay - League of Legends by

Let us know what you think about your favorite League of Legends costume! Drop us a line!!
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