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Top 5 Donut Shops In The L.A. Area

Top 5 Donut Shops In The L.A. Area

Donuts have always been our most favorite treat, however the donut craze came back to life in 2011 when the famous “Cronut” was invented and people stormed their favorite donut stores in order to see if they had this delicious mouthwatering snack. Since then, the donut craze has never stopped, and people are still into this delicious little treat that can turn any bad day into a much better one. Nowadays donuts have turned into something much more fancier, delicate and artistic, with donut stores selling themed donuts, exclusive designs, seasonal flavors and much more. If you love donuts but don’t know which one to choose, donut worry, we got you covered. Here are the top 5 donut shops in the L.A. area.

1. Blue Star Donuts

Think of this as the boutique store of all donuts, where there’s only a few flavors offered because they’re extremely exclusive. The fewer options the tastier they are! Some of the amazingly unique flavors you can try are:¬†Chocolate Buttermilk Old-Fashioned,¬†Blueberry Bourbon Basil and Raspberry Rosemary Buttermilk ¬†among many others! Blue Star Donuts offers an exciting twist of rare flavors within the classic deep fried donut. Located in Silver Lake, Manhattan Beach and Venice.

Top 5 Donut Shops In The L.A. Area

2. Voodoo Doughnut

Although Voodoo Doughnut is originally from Old Town, Portland, it has now made its way into California, allowing Angelenos to finally try these mouthwatering, trendy and funky donuts. Voodoo Doughnut is famous for its fun and wacky designs and flavors, which have created a deep-fried revolution with unique options you won’t find anywhere else. With more than 50 flavors, this is definitely the place to be! Some of the wackiest donuts are Grape Ape, The Loop, Old Dirty Bastard, Voodoo Bubble, Voodoo Doll and much more! Located inside the Universal CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Top 5 Donut Shops In The L.A. Area

3. California Donuts

A classic and indeed very famous among Angelenos, California Donuts is one of this city’s favorite spots. If you want more than just a plain glazed donut, although there’s nothing wrong with glazed donuts, this is the perfect spot for you. The designs and flavors are endless, just like Voodoo Doughnuts, however, it feels a bit more homey and handmade here at California Donuts. The coolest thing is that they take custom orders for special events, so if you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your name spelled out with yummy donuts, this is your chance! Famous for their Panda Bear and Lucky Charm donuts that you’ve probably seen all around Instagram, they are the best shop for when you’re craving a mom and pop old-school donut but with a fun modern twist. California Donuts is located near Little Bangladesh.

Top 5 Donut Shops In The L.A. Area

4. Sidecar Doughnuts

Sidecar Doughnuts is so freaking good that L.A.’s most famous ice-cream shop made a flavor in collaboration with them. That basically tells you how good this donut shop actually is! Although there’s usually a long line, it moves fast and donuts are made every hour. It’s totally worth it because their flavors are amazing, with the most famous ones being The Huckleberry and The Apple Fritter. We are sure you’ve tried amazing donuts before, but nothing will compare to the feeling of trying a Sidecar Donut! Luscious and full of flavor, the texture and the look of these donuts is one-of-a-kind! You can try these unique donuts in Santa Monica.

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Top 5 Donut Shops In The L.A. Area

5. Randy’s Donuts

Last but not least, Randy’s Donuts has to make it into the list! Although Randy’s is a bit more classic and traditional (Krispy Kreme style) it’s still a must. Randy’s Donuts is definitely an L.A. icon, appearing in various movies and T.V. shows. Therefore, either if you’re a local or a tourist passing by, you have to stop at Randy’s to taste their amazing donuts and take a picture with the famous gigantic donut that you’ve probably seen everywhere! You haven’t been to Los Angeles if you haven’t stopped at good old Randy’s. Spread around the entire L.A. area, Randy’s Donuts has several locations.

Top 5 Donut Shops In The L.A. Area

So, now that you know the secret to L.A.’s donut craze, it’s time to experience it yourself. Venture out into these donut shops and comment below which one is your favorite.

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